Table Mountain

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Table Mountain is the most famous emblem of Cape Town, and that with a good reason. It exists no other city in the world that got a breath-taking mountain in the neck like the Table Mountain, which lies directly on the sea. The best view on the mountain you got definitely from “Table View”, which is located about 15 km in the north of Cape Town and easy to reach with the car or by bus.


“Table View”

The best time for a view on the table mountain is at sunset. It’s amazing to sit in the white sand dunes while the sun disappears at the horizon and you watch at the mountain. After this natural spectacle you can take a meal at the “Blowfish Restaurant”, where you have a very good view at the ocean.


“Blowfish Restaurant”

You also got a really nice view on Cape Town from the mountain, there are a few possibilities to get on the top. The most boring is to go with the ropeway on the top and then back. But if you like a adventure, you should hike up one of the different routes. The normal path is the “plattenklip gorge”, which lasts about 2-3 hours. At the beginning is a really easy path, but afterwards it becomes a little bit arduous when you have to climb many scales which leading in reversements on the top. The other path possibility lasts about 4 hours and you have to climb with the aid of chains and ladders. This one I would recommend only athletic persons. A further possibility starts from the Kirstenbosch botanical garden. If you hiked up on the mountain you will know that it was worth, it offers a amazing view on Cape Town, which you should enjoy best at sunset. Afterwards you can go with a pure conscience with the ropeway back down.


“Plattenklip Gorge”


“Sunset Table Mountain”

The Table Mountain is not without reason the most famous emblem of the city on which you must have been!!!

Author: Klaus Pichler