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Cape Town Weather

There are 4 distinct seasons throughout the year. Weather in Cape Town has remained constant and predictable, even with all the trouble of global warming. It is famous for its wind, the Cape Doctor, so named because it brings cool and clean air from the Atlantic and takes all the polluted air away from the Fairest Cape. This wind helps create a mild mediterranean climate.

Summer lasts 5 months from November to March, with very hot days (up to 40 degrees), occasional hot nights and little if any rain. Generally summer has South East trade winds and calm seas. The water is a stunning clear blue, but the temperature is icy cold on the Atlantic side due to the wind blowing the warm water out. The False Bay coast has lovely warm seas perfect for swimming.

Autumns last 2 months from April to June with cooler weather, South West rains, many windless warm days, sea starts picking up which makes all the surfers happy. The water temperature warms up because of the windless days and swimming is possible on both sides of the peninsula.

Winter is from July to August: minimum of 12 and a maximum of 27 degrees in the day time with an average of 7 hours sunshine per day (Even in winter we have lots of sun!!!). North west with heavy rainfalls at times. If the wind suddenly swings to the South East it we get snowfalls on the mountain ranges around the Cape. Sea is rough and big wave surfing competitions are held now and ironically the sea is warm! Spring: September to October: amazing spring flowers from the Cape up to the Namibian border. Warmer weather, less cold fronts and rain. Still bigger swells and a lovely time to take walks on the mountains and in the National Parks.