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More Travel Information

AroundAboutCars is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy a stress-free drive to your destination – whether hooking up Cape Town car hire for an inner-city adventure, or renting a caravan for an African safari getaway.

AroundAboutCars pride themselves on providing value for money deals and reliable, personalised service. That’s why we’re providing you with all the tools needed to plan the perfect trip – now that’s how you do car rental in South Africa!

  • Distance Calculator Find out how far it is to drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town, from Durban to Port Elizabeth or any other city in South Africa? All you have to do is compare the draft and you know how to budget. Read More

  • Road Safety In South Africa you drive on the left side. The speed limit in South Africa is maximum 120 km/h. The accident rate is very high on gravel roads. we recommend to drive slow and to avoid driving at night in rural areas. Read More…

  • Under 23 Car Hire In South Africa most car hire companies do not allow under 23 years to rent a car, some companies imposing extra fees if you are over 21 years. But we allow car rentals already from 18 years on. You just need to have had a licence for more then 2 years and you can rent from Around About Cars without a problem nor an extra fee. Read more…

  • View South African School Holidays South Africa has 4 major school holiday breaks. They are pretty much the same for the whole country, not much difference per region. The longest one is over December/January and the others are in March/April, June/July and September/October. Read More…

  • View South Africa Public Holidays SA has some of the most public holidays in the world. Should a public holiday fall on a Sunday, the Monday is being credited. The city car hire branches are mostly closed on public holidays, but the airports are open 24/7. Read More