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For the world’s best comprehensive rental car coverage and zero excess liability,ensure to book your rental car with a standard liability waiver and take out additional excess reimbursement insurance through Hepstar.


The cost of repairs and replacement of car parts has increased substantially over time. Whether you accidently hit a sidewalk or pothole, or someone bumps their door against yours in a parking lot, the smallest dents and scratches will be charged against you, including tyres and windows.

Don’t be break the bank after your rental. SAVE and get MORE PROTECTION by purchasing Hepstar Car Hire Excess Insurance.


The rental usually includes a standard collision damage and theft waiver. This waiver limits your liability in the case of damage or theft to an “excess”. In the event of damage or theft, you are liable to pay the rental company whole or part of the excess, as well as any claims processing or towing costs. Damage to tyres and windows are typically excluded by waivers, which means you are liable to pay for any damage there to.

Hepstar’s Car Hire Excess Insurance covers you for:

  • Reimbursement of your excess due to damage and theft, including tyres, windows and undercarriage.
  • Damage, theft or loss of rental car keys. 
  • Rental company claim processing fees.
  • Towing expenses (Premier plan only).

Luggage damage or theft.

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  1. Your excess liability on the selected rental car after application of the standard waiver is R 15 000.
  2. The rental company reserves that amount or portion thereof on your credit card as a security deposit.
  3. Due to damage and related costs not covered by the waiver, the rental company charges you R 20 000.
  4. You are eligible to claim R20 000 from Hepstar who refunds you the entire amount without delay.

* Standard Excess Insurance covers up to R 30 000 excess (but not towing) and Premier Excess Insurance (covers for up to R 60 000 excess, (including towing).

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