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Windhoek, more affectionately known as the "City of many Faces"; is a perfect road trip destination for you and your family. It is a fact that travelling in general is expensive, but if you do your research and plan according to your budget, you can enjoy the many offerings of Windhoek.

If you would like to take the drive to Windhoek then car rental in South Africa is your most affordable option and arguably the safest. The reason being that:

  • The rental cars have low mileage
  • Essentials such as oil, water, and tyre pressure are checked to make sure the car is roadworthy; in fact every inch of the car is inspected to a certified standard.
  • Professional South African car rental companies will also have 4X4s, campervans and caravans available in order to cater to your specific needs

The rental of a car once you have arrived in Namibia is the most affordable option; however, make sure that it is rented from a well-established, trustworthy company.

One of the most affordable options is to stay at a backpackers lodge. Most people immediately reject this idea because they envision a dirty and decrepit building with broken beds and unwashed sheets, you won't find this in Windhoek. The city's backpacking lodges are highly frequented. The Chameleon Hostel has a variety of rooms available at affordable rates and also includes facilities and amenities that are not common at all hostels for example: Wi-Fi, complementary tea and coffee and an inclusive breakfast.

They also boast a guesthouse, which is also very affordable and provides the privacy that many people prefer. There are standard and luxury rooms available therefore, the choice is yours. You will also have access to the many entertainment facilities that are offered.

Windhoek also offers a plethora of self-catering cottages, houses and apartments, which are an ideal option for family trips. The variety of accommodation allows for the city to be able to cater to any budget, whether you rent a cottage or a luxury apartment – you will find it all in the city of Windhoek.

The city and its surrounds is an unspoiled gem that is an absolute must for the adventurous traveller and through the affordable car rental in Johannesburg, this can become a reality, leaving you with memories that you will treasure forever.