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Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, grew because of its site as a natural spring and also because of the burgeoning growth when Jonker Afrikaner built a stone church once he settled in 1840. It is also known as ǀAiǁGams in the language of the Khoikhoi, meaning ";hot springs", and also locally as Otjomuise which translates as ";place of steam". It truly is unspoiled and its natural beauty and charm is well-known. It is the cultural and commercial centre of Namibia and nearly all official governmental enterprise is located in the capital. Windhoek is incredibly diverse as a result of its mix of African and German histories leading to it being a melting pot of cultural ideas and styles.

Namibia is best experienced when exploring it with four wheels so visitors should definitely check out Windhoek car rentals. Around About Cars is perfectly suited for catering to your every need. Namibia 4x4 hire will allow you to tackle rougher terrain like that around Walvis Bay while at the same time offering efficient and hassle-free service.