The most scenic routes and roads in South Africa

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South Africa is blessed to possess world-class scenic routes which thousands of tourists flock to. Renting a vehicle via car hire facilities in South Africa is one of the most efficient means of travel.  Each province has its own characteristic allure and attributes that will satisfy the interests of every traveller. Below is a sample of routes that are frequented:

The Swartberg Pass

The Swartberg Pass, located in the Klein Karoo, is the embodiment of diversity. South Africa is world-renowned for its incredible varieties of endemic fynbos (a specific type of flora indigenous to the country.) This is any avid botanist’s haven. The magnificent flora is also complemented by unparalleled views of the iconic landscape. Despite the arid conditions, the following flora is still able to blossom and provide visual splendour:Proteas, Leucadendrons, Ericas, Watsonias, Gladioli, Disas, Haemanthus species and many lesser known, rare plants abound.

The pass is also steeped in a rich history that has proven to be of much interest to academics, mountain bikers as well as curious visitors from all over the world. Hiring a vehicle from a reputable Cape Town car hire company, will allow you to experience a magnificent road trip as you make your way to the pass. Besides the flora, there are many species of exquisite fauna that dwell on these slopes: witness an explosion of colour as you gaze at lazy lizards in multi-coloured hues. There are also 11 species of snakes. An ornithologists’ dream; a plethora of rare bird species can be found along the Swartberg Pass; including: the Booted Eagle, Martial Eagle, Protea Seedeater, Victorin's Warbler and Cape Eagle Owl.

Mpumalanga Panorama Route

A panoramic view is defined as an area that spans more than 180 degrees, which means that you need to use your peripheral vision to complete your experience of the scenic masterpiece; this is exactly why this route in Mpumalanga boasts this name.

One of the frequented destinations along this route is the Blyde River Canyon Reserve, which is home to an abundance of spectacular wildlife as well as many species of birds. It is noteworthy that the canyon is the third largest of its kind on the planet.

Within the abundance of hills lives a fascinating cultural heritage that will delight anthropologists and historians. For those who enjoy living on the wild side, the route is also home to adrenalin-surging activities.

The Panorama Route is the epitome of diversity as not only will you be able to witness birds and wildlife, but you can also revel in remarkable vistas of the exquisite waterfalls in Graskop. Another highlight is the Echo Caves, which embody the rich history of the area including remnants of the indigenous tribes that occupied the land, until the Gold Rush occurred, attracting numerous prospectors to the region.