Nightlife in Cape Town

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           Nightlife in Cape Town


After driving around all day in your rental vehicle from Around About Cars enjoying the amazing sites that daytime South Africa has to offer why not get ready to enjoy all the sites that this exciting land has to offer after dark.  Luckily for all those looking forward to clubbing the night away, the bars and clubs of Cape Town are in close proximity to one another making them easy to find.

Cocoon: (Old Club 31)

Those in search of a truly sophisticated, sleek and sexy club will end their search at Cocoon with its ritzy décor that makes this club stylish yet comfortable. It’s located on the 31st floor of the Absa Building – being located on one of the top floors of one of the tallest buildings in the city centre means that you can enjoy panoramic 180 degree views of the lights below and really dance above the city. With regular events and a dance floor that is always crowded, you can enjoy R&B and dance music. The Absa Building is located at the bottom of Riebeek Street.

Cause Effect:

A stylish new addition to Cape Town's growing cocktail bar scene, Cause Effect trains its alcoholic focus on brandy – some 70 different types, all South African. The cocktail turns up in classics, such as a sazarac and a sidecar with a twist, as well as other inventive concoctions, some including their homemade vermouth. It is all about the experience there – there’s a story to go with every experimental cocktail.


Named after the nearby lane, the mixologists here prepare some tempting artisan drinks with curious names including Knicker-Dropper Glory, Dollymop and Daylight Daisy, using ingredients as varied as peanut butter, kumquat compote and 'goldfish'! It's dark, sophisticated and stylish, with some outdoor seating beneath the trees on Bree Street.

They also donate a portion of their profits to an orphanage in Athlone – so you can knock back that extra cocktail with a clean conscience.

Tjing Tjing:

This cool rooftop bar is a stylish hangout where you can enjoy cocktails and wine. The barnlike interior has exposed beams, a photo mural of Tokyo and a scarlet lacquered bar. Below the rooftop bar is the restaurant Tjing Tjing Tori serving Japanese-influenced tapas with a contemporary twist.


Yours Truly on Kloof

This place is open from early morning to late at night. Travellers mingle with hipster locals, who come for the excellent coffee, craft beer, gourmet sandwiches, thin-crust pizzas and the live DJ sets that takes place on Friday afternoons.

Beer House

With 99 brands of bottled beer, both local and international, and several more brews on tap, this brightly designed and spacious joint in the heart of Long Street will have beer lovers thinking they've died and gone to heaven. The balcony is a great spot from which you can see what’s going on in the busy street.