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Mobile Phone | GPS | 3G | Satelite Phone Hire

Mobile hire South Africa
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Products Daily Mobile Rentals Authorisation / Deposit Excess Charge
Mobile Hire Phone incl. SIM Card R 9,95 R 1.000,00 Phone: R 650,00 / SIM card: R 100,00
Rent a GPS Unit R 59,00 R 1.000,00 Tom Tom R 1.500,00 / Garmin R 2.000,00
Rent a 3G Card R 20,00 R 1.000,00 R 1.500,00
Rent a Satelite Phone R 12,00 R 1.0000,00 R 10.000,00

Cell Phone Hire and SIM Card Rates:
R2.64 per minute – Telkom (Landline) and Vodacom (082) / R2.86 per minute – MTN (083) and Cell C (084) / R7.90 per minute – International to UK/USA
Other International rates on request.
SMS/TEXT MESSAGING RATES: R1.10 per SMS – Local / R2.20 per SMS – International
Accessories: Should any accessories be lost, stolen or damaged they will be billed at the full replacement cost to us.
Daily Rental of SIM Card for free

Giving you Mobile Internet and Email access at speeds of up to 1.8Mb/s, wherever there is cellular signal.
Data is pre purchased in the following increments online:
5Mb – R19 / 10Mb – R29 / 20Mb – R39 / 50Mb – R89 / 100Mb – R149 / 250 Mb – R269 / 500Mb – R399 / 1024Mb – R699 / 2048 Mb – R1.150
The end user can reload data directly over the internet using his/her credit card. The loaded Mb will not expire.
PLEASE NOTE: Rates are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR), inclusive of VAT, which is currently 14%.

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