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A land of endless blue skies, vast horizons and wildly free open spaces, Namibia is an ideal road tripping destination and the landscape coupled with its abundance of wildlife make it a photographer’s playground. Even the kids will love this one with the endless rolling hills of the desert they can run free in this giant real life sandpit. Beyond the sand dunes Namibia is also a place of exceptional tranquillity, steeped in history and full of fascinating cultures and …
In Namibia there are beautiful camping sites. In the following article you will find some camping sites, which are listed in alphabetical order ( by city/ national park names ).
Namibia possesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures.
Namibia is a popular destination for people who like to drive around an discover a county on their own. Driving through the wonderful arid landscape will add something special to your holiday. The streets in Namibia are pretty good and the traffic is low, so you don’t have to worry about traffic issues.
The name came from an international treaty signed in 2003 which incorporate the AiAis Hot Springs Game Park in Namibia and the Richtersveld National Park in South Africa.
Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, there is a piece of land… an island to be more precise with a 2 503, 72 km ² surface, between Madagascar and Mauritius. This island is called Reunion Island.
If you’ve ever had to endure the underground commute in London, or any other country for that matter, you’ll understand the pain. Wedged somewhere between the humming armpit of the balding fifty-something and the woman desperately trying to claim every possible millimetre she can to be away from you; you find yourself resuming a posture worthy of a contortionist as the piping hot coffee you stupidly brought with you is splashing painfully down your leg. This can go on for …
A funny thing happened to a friend of mine this week while on a business trip in Rundu in Namibia. Those of you that know the area are probably wondering what type of business anybody with all their senses could possibly have in Rundu, well for the purposes of my story that is neither here nor there but to quell curiosity I will divulge. It seems that one of the big oil companies, bored with destroying the oceans and the polar caps has taken to raping the deserts of Africa. This however is not a protest article it’s a humorous story of misfortune made more humorous by the fact that the victim of the misfortune was doing the devils work. For the ambitious young protagonist of our story a when it came to trips in Namibia, 4×4 hire wasn’t good enough. No, learjet charter was the only means of transport that was good enough; and why not when it’s been paid for by the oil companies. Here’s the thing though you see Rundu has only recently started been serviced by these flights and there are only three flights a week.