Terms and conditions for groups AF, BF, CF, DF, IF, EF, GF, MF, UF, K, IF, VF, WF, YF, QF.


NO Cancellation fees are applicable
Only during the period 13.12.-4.1 and over Easter Holiday in the coastal towns (excluding Durban/Richards Bay)


UNLIMITED KILOMETRES except 1 - 3 Days = 200KM/day only (Refer to PER KILOMETER CHARGE for additional costs)

Rates Include:

Rates Exclude:  
Contract fee R 75
One Way Drop Off R 1000 per One Way
Additional driver's fee (1 Free) R 325
Young driver’s surcharges R 270 per day (23 years and under – driver’s license for minimum 3 years)
Excess (Super Cover does not include acts of negligence, tyres, hub caps, windscreens and torn upholstery)
Accident Claim administration Fee R 650
Fine handling fee R 280
Extension rates (if you extend your rental without approval)
Baby seat per rental R 370
Cross Border fee  
Swaziland R 1300
Lesotho R 1500
Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe R 1800 (All Groups allowed except Groups G & M)
Mozambique R 3000 (All Groups allowed except Groups G & M)
GPS rentals available R 99 per day, R1700 excess (only Cape Town, King Shaka, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth Airports)
Daily rates are calculated strictly in cycles of 24 hours, from time of pickup to time of drop off. The renter will be
 billed directly for additional rentals days at extension rates, should the vehicle be returned late.
 Should a vehicle be returned with excessive dirt, the valet charges will be billed directly to the renters credit card.
 The renter is liable for water and under-carriage damage to vehicle
 Gross negligence
 Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
 Unauthorised persons driving the vehicle
 Unauthorised cross border rentals
 Not adhering to traffic, road and driving regulations
 Unsuitable driving or road conditions
 No other vehicles involved in the collision unless exceptional circumstances apply
 Not reporting the collision to Car Rental and the nearest Police Station
 Failure to obtain authorisation from Car Rental to extend the pre- booked rental period
 Failure in reporting the loss to Car Rental within 3 hours in the event of theft.
 Failure to produce the vehicle keys in case of theft unless exceptional circumstances apply.
 Not reporting the exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to theft.
 Government Legislation requires that whilst driving, the driver/s are required to have a valid unendorsed driver’s license in their possession.
 Driver/s must have obtained their license at least two years prior to renting a vehicle with Car Rental.
 An International Driver’s license is not required, provided the original license is in English.
 What to do in the event of a breakdown
 Contact Car Rental on the emergency Roadside Assistance - number will be provided to you upon arrival.
 Please use the international dialling prefix if phoning from a roaming mobile phone)
 The Renter will be assisted with the following:
 Flat Tyre Assistance
  If the vehicle’s spare tyre is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace a flat tyre. When a serviceable spare tyre is not available, towing will be provided, at the renters expense.
 Battery Jump-Start
  If the vehicle’s battery is dead, the service provider will jump- start the vehicle.
 Vehicle Lockout Service
  In the event of keys been locked in the vehicle a locksmith will be appointed to unlock the vehicle, at the renters expense.
 Emergency Fuel Delivery
  If the vehicle runs out of fuel, a limited supply will be delivered, to enable you to reach the nearest service  station. (Cost of fuel for your account).
 Extrication/Winching Service
  If a vehicle becomes stuck, it will be extricated or winched as long as it is adjacent to a passable, established road or thoroughfare and can be safely reached
 from the hard road surface, at the renters expense.
 Towing Service
 Sometimes a breakdown will occur at inconvenient locations.  If the vehicle breaks down and requires towing First Car Rental will appoint a towing operator to tow the vehicle to the nearest repairer, at the renter’s expense.
 Message Relay Service
 Car Rental will relay a message to a family member, friend or colleague in the RSA in the event of a breakdown or accident.
 Renters are requested not to replace or repair any vehicle parts unless authorised by  Car Rental.  Renters who fail to get prior authorisation from Car Rental will not be reimbursed for expenses incurred.
 What to do in the event of an accident or theft
 Renter is required to contact Car Rental immediately
 A full report must be made to the nearest Police Station within 24 hours where an accident has occurred and immediately in the case of theft.
 A Case Reference number must be obtained from the Police Station
 An Accident & Theft report must be completed within 24hrs of incident occurring, these are obtainable from any Car Rental branch.
 Personal belongings stolen or lost during an accident are not covered.  It would be advisable for Renters to obtain personal belonging insurance prior to their trip.
 a Claim handling fee will be levied for all incidents
 Should the renter disobey the traffic regulation which results in a fine, such amounts will be debited to the client’s credit card including a handling fee
 The renter is responsible for the excess amount (subject to product sold) i.e. EXCL = Full vehicle value;
 STD 150 = various excesses subject to vehicle group; EXEC = Nil
 Please note that a renter is responsible for the full value of the relevant vehicle, should theft/accident
 be caused due to negligence (see "II" for detailed list of factors that negate the waivers)
 A claim handling fee will be applied and charged to the renters credit card, in the event of damage/theft of the vehicle
 Collision damage waiver only covers damage to the Car Rental Vehicle.
 In the case of an incident/accident outside the borders of South Africa, the responsibility amount doubles. In the case of Executive Cover, it defaults to the Standard Cover responsibility amount for the car group and rate printed on the rental agreement
 Exception to the rule: Executive Waiver - e.g. SA Executive Waiver taken, the relevant vehicle's Super Waiver Excess applies
 Should a vehicle need replacing, the Renter may have to move the vehicle to the nearest South African border post. This cost is for the Renter’s own account. Delivery of a replacement vehicle is subject to time and distance constraints and an additional fee
 Should Personal Accident Benefit be purchased - All the occupants in the vehicle are collectively covered for death, disability and medical expenses up to a maximum of ZAR 20 000.00.
 Should the renter be involved in an accident where the cause was not that of the renters, the renter is still responsible for the non-waiverable excess until such time as Third party Recovery has been paid to Car Rental, Car Rental will then re-imbrues the renter.
 The amount re-imbursed will be subject to the Third Party Recovery amount
 Costs of returning the vehicle to South Africa is for the Renter’s account
 Cross border requests need to be made within at least 48 hours of the collection of the vehicle, to allow the branch/location time to request the vehicle registration papers, etc.
 In order to qualify for consideration, the Renter must be in possession of a valid driver’s license and passport, issued in the same country (applicable to domestic & international renters)
 4 Days advance notification is required for Zimbabwe as Authorities now require the original registration documents for all vehicles crossing the border
 Car Rental will not be held responsible if a renter is refused entry into another country.
 The Car Rental company is not responsible for any costs that may be incurred at the South African border posts or those insisted upon by Local Governments. These include, et al, Commercial Vehicle Guarantee, permits, visa, import permits and toll fees
 The Car Rental company will not be held accountable for the lack of fuel availability in any country which the Renter enters
 Vehicles are permitted into Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique.
 Vehicles are NOT permitted into Angola and Zambia (Zambia is in review but T&C will only be updated once decision is reached)
 A non-refundable fee will be levied for vehicles crossing any of the below mentioned permitted borders and is payable directly by the renter.
 Subject to written authority from the car rental company, pre-determined vehicles may enter Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, (1800) Swaziland (1300), Lesotho (1300), and Mozambique (3000) but must be returned to any branch of First Car Rental within South Africa
 A penalty fee of up to ZAR5000 may be levied if the documentation is not produced.
 The following vehicles MAY be taken across SA Borders:  
 The following vehicles: G & M are NOT permitted to cross any of the following borders:  Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique:1800
 The following are available for purchase:
 Cross Border Pack, R600, Per Item, Includes 2 x Triangles, 2 x Safety Bibs, ZA Sticker, Reflective Stickers and Info
 Fire Extinguisher, R350, Per Item, Compulsory when carrying additional fuel in Mozambique or Zimbabwe, at least 48hrs advance notice required
 Please refer to the table provided on rate sheets for details (ask reservation consultant)
 One way rentals to Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe are not permitted
 Ask reservation consultant for details
 Available on request at time of reservation and will be charged directly to the renter at time of rental (Car seats, GPS, Cell phones etc.)
 Applies to renters under the age of 21, provided that they have been in possession of a valid, unendorsed driver's license for a minimum of two years.
 Ask reservation consultant for details
 A contract fee per rental will be charged directly to the renter at time of rental
 A no show fee (Minimum R250 up to 100% of rental) will apply if a reservation is not cancelled before rental is supposed to take place
 A deposit for the applicable excess/liability and fuel is required on initiation of the rental.  The renter must be in possession of an embossed credit card irrespective of product selection.
 A second credit card may be requested for Pay Local Customers only for the following Groups: M, Q, G, K, IF, Y & Z
 Credit Cards are not accepted at petrol stations in Southern Africa.  Fuel can only be purchased with cash
 If a tank of fuel was not pre-paid (exclusive product selection), the renter either has to fill the tank before returning the vehicle or alternatively the renter can return the vehicle to Car Rental and pay for refuelling upon return.
 Each vehicle is refuelled on termination regardless of the fuel gauge indicator.
If the renter wishes to extend the rental beyond the original return date, authorisation must be obtained from Around About Cars Car Rental.  Failure to do so will result in Car Rental reporting the car stolen and it immediately negates all waivers
 Additional days will be charged directly to the renter’s credit card at the extension rates
 A valid voucher and YOUR OWN EMBOSSED CREDIT CARD (for additional charges) must be produced at time of rental.
 Accepted credit cards are Visa, Master, Diners and American Express.
 South African Debit and un-embossed credit cards are NOT yet accepted.
 Name, address and telephone number
 Local contact details
 Driver’s License and passport
 CDW and TLW do not cover loss of, or damage to the VEHICLE in the following circumstance, and YOU will be liable for all such loss or damage where damage or loss is caused by pot holes, sand or travelling on gravel roads.
Group AF : R 1.95
Group BF : R 2.20
Group CF : R 2.80
Group DF : R 4.50
Group EF : R 5.00
Group G : R 5.50
Group M : R 5.50
Group U : R 3.50
Group K : R 6.00
Group IF : R 6.00