Please note: Ensure that you read your terms and conditions thoroughly when signing your contract as they may vary according to suppliers. Below are just general guidelines. We have taken every precaution to ensure that the terms and conditions are current for all our suppliers.
•All invoices to be settled by payment date or the booking will be cancelled.
•Minimum of 3 working days will be allowed for payment.
•Payment amount may exclude: Contract fee, extra driver fee, cross border fee, baby seats, GPS, delivery or collection fees, after hour fees, young drivers fee, excess, claim or admin fees, fine handling fee, extension rates, towing, undercarriage damage, glass and tyre insurance.
•Please use your reservation number (not your name!) as a reference number.
•Cancellation Policy: Reservations for the Cape Region from 14 December to 04 January are subject to cancellation and / or No Show Fees.  Cancellation Fees are 50% of the value of the rental should the reservation be cancelled 10 days before starting.  No shows will be charged at 100%
•Please note that no refunds will be entertained on early returns
•On taking delivery of your vehicle: Please note that although you have paid in advance for your daily rate, the credit card holder needs to be present for the security deposit and the extras (we do not accept Debit Cards)
•Minimum of 2 working days will be allowed for extensions. Higher extension rates will apply if requested less than 2 working days before end of rental.

Please note: The following is needed when paying with a local debit card of the 5 big banks ( NEDBANK+FNB+ABSA+STANDARD BANK AND CAPITEC ONLY) .
•3 months bank statement.
•Water bill/Retail account in clients name with address or proof of address not order than 3 months.
•Green South African barcoded ID,passport or another form of identification .
•Full bank account details (account number,branch code) if it is a company bank account you need company registration number.
•Confirmation letter of employment
•South African driver's license (older than 2 years).

Ensure your daily limit is high enough to cover the deposit and rental amounts.

Terms and Conditions
Please note that you have to produce your credit card, unendorsed driver's license and passport when receiving the rental-vehicle.
South African Debit Cards are accepted. A BIN number (first 6 digits on the debit card) and account number is required to refund deposits via EFT into the correct account.
Rates Include:
Free pick up in SA in a 25 km radius from our branches
Cell-phones are only available at airports from CELLUCITY
Unlimited kilometres
additional driver - Third driver pays R242 once off.
Airport delivery and drop off
Delivery & Collection fees (Office Hours) = R330 , free fetch and bring during office hours within a 35km radius.
Delivery & Collection fees (After Hours) = R660
Theft waiver
Collision damage waiver
14% VAT
Tourism levy and airport surcharges

Cross Border Travelling
Cross border fees for Namibia and Botswana: R1330, Mozambique: R1330 Swaziland: R 0, Lesotho : R 0
A letter of authorization must be requested at the time of reservation
Authorized countries are Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique
Unauthorized countries are Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Should a vehicle be taken into Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, and Mozambique there will be no cover in respect if damage (incident) and loss (theft).
Due to non-favourable road conditions outside of South African borders all waivers will be negated and all liability rests with the renter.
All repair costs and costs of returning the vehicle to the car Hire company in South Africa will be for the customers account.
Any repairs must be approved by management.

If there is an accident across a border there is automatically an extra R 15 000 excess the clients have to pay on top of their excess, it may be more than double the excess and depends on the country

Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia no back up service, no repair – all for the customers account! Clients must not drive at night

Rates Exclude:
Refundable deposit (fuel & extra's): (amount is car group dependant)
Contract fee of R66
Delivery and collection fees (during office hours)- 0-35 km’s : R330 35kms+ : Please enquire.
After hours & weekend delivery/collection fees- R 440 per delivery/collection
One Way Drop Off: Cpt/ Jhb / Dbn/ PE/ Grge & Return
R 400 Per One Way
R 242 Per Additional driver
You need to have your licence for at least 3 years
Excess (Super Cover does not include acts of negligence, tyres, hub caps, windscreens and torn upholstery)
Fine handling fee: R190 per offence
Extension rates (if you extend your rental without approval)
Baby seat per rental R 363
Undercarriage Damage
Glass and Tyre insurance can be bought at the counter on arrival - R 28 per day. (All glass and 4 tyres)
The above charges are subject to change without prior notice
Insurance Cover :
Standard cover in case of any damage to or theft of the vehicle:
In South Africa the client will be liable for the maximum amount of the excess according to the car group.
Super cover (executive cover or excess waiver) in case of accident or theft of the vehicle: In South Africa the client will be covered (liable for administration fee).
Regardless of which Cover was taken, the client is still liable for 2.5 times the Standard Cover excess if:
**involved in an accident outside RSA borders.
**the vehicle is uneconomical to repair (damages more than R50 000)
**where the road conditions are unsuitable for driving (sand or gravel roads)
**during weekend rentals
**If the car rental company can proof negligence
**Replacement vehicles for accidents shall be at the sole discretion of the Company
**Accident must be reported to the nearest Police station and all third party details must be obtained or the international guest is responsible for the complete bill of damages.
** Reduce speed by 50% on a dirt road - reduce speed to 40 or 60km per hour on gravel roads
Breach of Contract:
All related and unrelated costs shall be borne by the Renter in the case of Breach of Contract.
Examples of Breach of Contract are:-
**Accident occurring after vehicle is due back
**Driving under the influence of alcohol
**Accident due to traffic violations
**Unauthorized drivers
**Damage to windows, tyres, rims, hubcaps, radios(you can take the face off all radios)
**Breach of contract
If any accident costs exceed R1000.00 a R490.00 admin claim fee will be charged to the client’s account.
Should the damage to a vehicle be R5000.00 or more, an Assessors Fee of R342.00 will be applicable and charged to the client’s account.
Should the vehicle be involved in an accident and is not drivable, the client will be liable for the storage fees.  This fee depends on the number of days the vehicle will be kept in storage.
Should the vehicle be involved in an accident and needs to be towed, the client will be liable for the Towing costs.

TRACKERS: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL our vehicles have trackers installed and we shall pull reports, especially with every accident.
A pre-bill fuel deposit of R1500.00 will be taken on all rentals and charged to the client’s credit card on collection of the vehicle.  This fuel deposit will be refunded should the vehicle be returned full with proof (receipt) thereof.  Should the vehicle need to be re-fuelled the standard fuel amount will be charged with a R20.00 Fuel Levy.  Eg. Refuel Amount R350.00 + R20.00 Fuel Levy = R370.00 . R630.00 will be refunded to the client.
Damage or Loss caused by the client to another (private) vehicle.  
Should a Customer accept our waivers they will be covered for third party liability of up to R2.5 million.
The customer has a limited liability payment of R15 000 for every third party claim we entertain.
The excess amounts for Around About’s clients are as follows:
Credit card Standard Cover excess    Local and International Clients
Group T    R 5000.00
Group B    R 5000.00
Group C    R 5000.00
Group D    R 7000.00
Group I    R 7000.00
Group Single Cab    R 7000.00
Group Panelvan    R 7000.00
Group E    R 7000.00
Credit card Super Cover Excess    Local Clients and International Clients
Group T    R 3000.00
Group B    R 3000.00
Group C    R 3000.00
Group D    R 5000.00
Group I    R 5000.00
Group Single Cab    R 5000.00
Group Panelvan    R 5000.00
Group E    R 5000.00
Super Cover Excess    
Executive Cover Zero Excess only for International Passport Holders    
Debit card
 Standard Cover excess    Local Clients
Group T    R 10’450.00
Group B    R 14’300.00
Group C    R 14’850.00
Group D    R 15’400.00
Group I    R 16’500.00
Group Single Cab    R 16’500.00
Group Panelvan    R 25’300.00
Group E    R 25’300.00

Debit Card Super Cover Excess    Local Clients
Group T    R 4500.00
Group B    R 5000.00
Group C    R 6000.00
Group D    R 6000.00
Group I    R 6000.00
Group Single Cab    R 7000.00
Group Panelvan    R 10’000.00
Group E    R 10’000.00

Undercarriage, storage and towing is not covered and will be for the renters account.
Glass and Tyre - only if the additional, optional waiver was accepted.
If the Company can proof negligence on the client’s part, the client will be held liable for an excess.
Terms and Conditions and rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Around About Cars is not liable for any loss or damage caused by entering an agreement with any other car hire company.