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Around About Cars and why you should use us.

From humble beginnings in 1995 with 5 old cars and starting out in a parking garage, under the famous unfinished highway, which flooded every winter, Aroundaboutcars has become the leading car hire supplier in Southern Africa. In the early days, when we had a client who actually managed to find our office (no google maps then!) and had to walk up 3 floors of a spiral drive way with cars whizzing by we would all be so amazed, it was hard to charge them!!! We now have a great conveniently located head office off Long St Cape Town.

We rent out more than 12 000 cars per year and continue to grow monthly. We have a very long list of returning clients, some of whom have rented more than 20 times and some who currently have rental cars for over 2 years. 99% of all our clients rate our service as excellent. In these days of massive exposure on social media, our complaints represent less than .001% of all rentals.

Why are we different to others? Why should you book with us? Want to know more about us?

Our staff: we are NOT a computer generating online booking system. Our highly motivated agents are more than just a phone back up. They know what they are doing, are not just interested in a sale, but also want to make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime.

Staff then...
Staff now...

We have our own fleet of cars and furthermore have access to over 10 000 cars through our trusted affiliated companies, which have been tested by us for more than a decade and continuously being trained to guarantee our service on all levels with all companies. We do not accept mediocre service. It has to be exceptional and special. We constantly negotiate the very best rates, free extras and personally quality check the cars to ensure a 100% safety record. When problems arise we immediately put in measures to improve and ensure that service remains at the highest levels. Most of our staff members have been with us more than a decade. They have more experience than anyone on the planet about travelling the South African roads namely, which routes to take, places to visit and most importantly which car is best suited to you. There is no one who knows more and cares more about you having a save and fun holiday than us. No question is too difficult nor too farfetched to be investigated and answered.

Privately owned: Unlike most other companies, we are a family owned business with the owners there each and every day and always contactable outside of office hours. How many times to do you a call company wanting to speak to the owner and they are always “in a meeting?!!!!!” Not us!. Our oldest family member is 93 years old and spends 4 mornings a week taking calls. It is that kind of dedication that makes us different. One of the owners comes from Germany and ensures that our standards are measured by European service. If you speak German, there is always a consultant in your mother tongue available.

The Owners

You can call us 24/7 and talk to someone who knows the ins and out of car rental in south Africa, cross border rental and will help you out of any situation.

As you know hiccups can happen, but what counts is that we are there for you if things go wrong. You will still be fully supported by people who care about you, long after you have returned your car. If you book with us, you are in the best hands. Trust is what is important for us.

All of that is why we are recommended in all established guide books. That is why EVERYONE comes back to us for more and recommends us to all their friends. Not rented with us yet? Try our superior service and let us convince you.

Family Orientated
Service with a smile