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If all else fails, opt for a rickshaw ride and let the Durban extravaganza begin!

Typical Durban weather calls for delicious summer drinks on a veranda as the sun sets. Durban summers are hot and humid and you’re expected to venture along the beachfront sipping on margaritas all day long. If you’d like less humidity, best you visit Durban between autumn and spring when temperatures are lower.

Durban’s landscape ranges from vast green fields in rural areas to a particularly busy urban jungle. Consider arranging transport with a Durban car rental and set about exploring Durban’s kaleidoscopic views.

If not for the awesome landscapes that Durban has to offer, you may find the nightlife intoxicating. Durban also has a sterling reputation in terms of its blue flag beaches which have been upgraded in anticipation for the 2010 Football World Cup.  Many holiday makers are keen to have a taste of Durban’s popular Indian Cuisine which can vary from hot curries to bunny chows (a loaf of bread stuffed with mince or curry.) The food is spicy and hot and the weather calls for sunglasses and sunscreen– a wonderful combination for daring tourists.


As a holiday destination Durban has plenty to offer. One only needs time and a reliable Durban Car Rental to ensure you don’t miss out on significant areas and activities.

Durban Tourist Attractions

The Beachfront

Top on the list is Durban’s beaches. The Durban beachfront is a popular attraction as not only are the beaches sparkling blue warm waters of the Indian Ocean but also frequented by avid surfers. Popular beaches include the Blue Lagoon, Country Club, Oasis and Addington Beaches.

The Golden Mile

Walk along the Golden Mile (‘The Mile’), the long stretch of golden sands along the beachfront which has been revamped and upgraded recently and indulge in exploring the Promenade, uShaka Marine World and the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World which is has a private beach, first rate restaurants and public entertainment facilities. Ushaka is Durban’s pride as it is an elaborate aquarium which has a waterpark and dolphinarium and the largest shark tank in the world. A mini town which is a replica of the city of Durban includes a complete miniature railway and airport. Yet, the large traditional market filled with market vendors is the ideal place to buy wonderful souvenirs such as Zulu art and crafts. The vendor market is as popular as the Casino.

Durban car rental offers great rates but you can opt to explore the oceanway pavement by walking or cycling. You can also opt for a colourful and often bumpy Rickshaw ride which is somewhat of a tradition.
Of course, the Surfing museum is worth the visit as it showcases Durban’s Surfing history which is particularly interesting.

Popular Durban Cuisine

Durban is the curry destination. In fact, Durban is little India as it has one of the largest Indian populations in South Africa. Durban curry is preferably served hot. If you’re not too keen to burn your taste buds, you can opt for a mild curry. If you’re keen for something different, head over to the legendary Sunrise Cafe for a bunny chow which is a popular delicacy.

Indulge in wonderful Indian cuisine near Victoria Market or at the Vintage Restaurant next to the Bean Bag Bohemia down Windemere Road.

Durban Night Life

Durban has an array of night clubs to suit a number of tastes. If you’re keen for a stylish night out consider the Panama Room which has a cocktail bar ideal for the older crowd.  Tilt, is an upmarket trance club suitable for the younger crowd.  Consider the popular Billy the Bum’s hangout which offers a relaxed and casual setting. Durban nightlife can include sunset walks along the beachfront or sundowners at a trendy club.  Your Durban car rental will come in handy as the City is flexible enough to suit your tastes and moods. There’s a lot on offer.

Holiday Accommodation

To ensure that you’re able to enjoy Durban to its full capacity, you should find the most suitable holiday accommodation. Durban offers hotel, guest house, bed & breakfast, self-catering accommodation. Most are fully-equipped. You could find a privately owned unit or opt for a self-contained suite in a hotel or guest house. If you don’t acquire a Durban car rental, aim to find accommodation close to the beach or in close proximity to the centre.