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Ultra Music Festival South Africa

The festival starts at 26. – 27. Feb. in Johannesburg and at 27. – 28. Feb. in Cape Town. It is something for every EDM-Lover. A festival on which plays the world famous Dj´s, who make this an unforgettable experience.

More info: www.ultrasouthafrica.com


Cape Town Pride

The Cape Town Pride is a festival for gays and lesbians over 10 days at the end of February  to the beginning of March. On the last Saturday of February there is a parade which walks through the city. The other days are full of music and other stuff like hiking or workshops.

More info: www.capetownpride.org


Cape Town International Jazz Festival

2 Days, 5 stages, more than 40 artists and 34.000 visitors. A festival, which presents international and local musicians. It take place at the 1. to 2. April in the Cape Town International Convention Centre and it´s something for every Jazz-Lover.

More info: www.capetownjazzfest.com



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