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“robben island from the air”

“view at table mountain”

The purpose of the island has changed many times in her history. It was used as Prison in the 17. century, afterwards as camp for people with leprous. From the start of the WWII the island is used as military basis until 1961 when it was changed another time to a prison for political prisoners and criminals. The most famous prisoner of the island is, of course, Nelson Mandela. He was arrested for almost two decades in a 4m² big cell, before he was released and became the first black president of south Africa.  Today the prison is a museum and also UNESCO world cultural heritage.

“Nelson Mandela’s cell”

The main part of the prison you will visit by foot and is leaded by a guide. All of the guides are ex-prisoners of the island and they are going to tell you about their life there and why they returned, despite of their terrible time there.

“Main part of the prison”

At and around the island are living many animals, like seals, penguins and, if you have luck, also wales. You should not miss the interesting visit of Robben island if you want to experience a little bit more history of south Africa. Book your car now at Aroundaboutcars to explore this beautiful country!