EUROCUP 2016 - Soccer, borewors and beer! - Touring Cape Town
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Weather depending decide on taking over the South African way and have a braai while watching (even if it is normally rugby shown on TV while turning the boerewors around on the grill) other ones running the calories off you are indulging … And also, there won’t be a shortage of beer, even if the country might be more acknowledged for its selection of red, white and rose wines.

So read on, and get the knowledge about
You might even be able to watch each single game of the UEFA European Football Championship 2016, with a total of 24 teams for the first time and regarded as the biggest of those competitions ever, in different restaurants and bars. So make your choices, you have got time up to the final in Paris on the 10th of July. Here some venues televising the football matches, and many of them offer much more on the side!

  1. Public viewing and
  2. A real SA-braai


a) Rick’s Café – 2 Park Road | Gardens | 021 424 11 00

Normally one can sit at the bar and watch Casablanca, listening to the famous piano piece ‘as time goes by’ and commiserate with the unhappy ending of Humphrey’s and Ingrid’s love story. For the next weeks, you might order one of the many beers you can choose from instead, and celebrating your team’s win over the opponent! Another screen has been installed upstairs to give you the opportunity of cheering in a smaller crowd with up to 15 people – so don’t forget to rather book in advance! To heat up, you can sit in front of a fireplace or order one of the spicy meals.

b) Fireman’s Arms – 25 Mechau Street | City Centre | Cape Town | 021 419 1513
Don’t go there when England is playing and you want them to lose …! This spot is a real English pub in the heart of the Mother’s city! Big screens in every room – nine altogether! -, traditional food such as pies as well as dark ale as to the drinks guarantee a perfect 90 minutes! Only – there is no booking upfront, and to get a good seat, rather arrive early and have a chat with the other fans before kick-off!

c) Foreign Exchange92-95 Station Road | Observatory | 021 448 0083

Feel like taking a ride in you small around about cars vehicle and drive to some places outside the city bowl? You won’t regret! Foreign Exchange is based in the student’s area Observatory – so the crowd is young, vibrant. Food and drinks won’t hurt your wallet and are still delicious, and comfortable sofas instead of hard chairs will do the extra bit to guarantee a special time out!

d) Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery – Cnr East Pier & Dock Road | V&A Waterfront | 021 419 5074

Tired after shopping? Then take a break directly where you are, and take a seat in this dockside pub before stepping into your hired vehicle and head towards your guesthouse! Four screens on the first floor, and ten on the second level – if your legs still make the steps, you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere – as well as one of the numerous beers! Besides, two fireplaces provide warmth, and starving is no option here neither – just choose from the wide variety the menu offers!

e) Foresters Arms – 52 Newlands Avenue | Newlands| Cape Town | +27 (0)21 689 5949

Finally, step into your car, head down South towards the beautiful suburbs of Constantia, and stop in one of Newland’s most popular pubs! Here, you will be bumping into soccer fans, beer lovers and lots of good humored people of all ages while comfortable sitting in one of the big chairs Foresters Arms provide. Weather permitting, you can even watch on one of the five TVs in the lovely outside area. Any Sunday game on your wish-list? Then go there and indulge in the special meal they offer!


Short form for Braaivleis – Afrikaans for ‘roasted meat’ – a braai is not only a typical South African barbecue. It is part of the lifestyle, and you just can’t be here without having had one! And being a citizen, you just grow up with it. So try and get used to the social custom, buy some coal (no way of using gas or even electric!) and start firing it up while waiting for kick-off. Obviously, you have to invite some friends, and don’t feel bad to ask them for food and drinks – a bring & braai is the normal thing to do here! The typical meat would be boerewors and sosaties as well as chicken- kebabs, pork and lamb chops. Want something different, then call for a fish braai or even a veg option (which by the way would definitely NOT be typical South African…!)

And also – women don’t braai. It is a man’s world, so all female soccer fans can just relax in front of the TV until their husbands serve the food!

Whatever you decide on – have a great UEFA-time! And in case you should not have decided on a car yet: Aroundaboutcars will definitely match your demands!!