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Precarne is Italian and means “fish and meat”, the restaurant is located in Hout Bay, which is about 20 min away from Capetown. The Location is really pictorially with the with beach and the mountains, which are surrounding the bay. The Pescarne is one of the best of this kind and you can choose from many different fish- and meatdishes. Hardcore-eater can a challenge where you have to eat 2 kg meat in one hour, than is the dish for free.

Cattle Baron

It’s a well-known restaurant with outposts in Canal Walk, Table View and Constantia. In the Cattle Baron you can enjoy very good steaks in a chilled atmosphere and excellent service. The Restaurant is famous for his, in brandy flambeed, filet and pepper steak from Madagascar.

Carne SA

The Restaurant is leaded by the Italian, Giorgio Nava and the interior i styled like a butcher shop. You can enjoy there best italian meat, which you, if you ask the waiter, can choose by yourself.


On the menu in the HQ you can choose only from three different things, sirloin, salad and chips. But whatever you gonna choose you will not be disappointed. The meat is coming from Namibia and Botswana and it’s correlated to highest quality…maybe the reason for the name of the restaurant. The interior, with the red benches and the open kitchen, let you feel like you are visiting a New-York-hot-spot.


Elegant interior, five-star-service and a amazing view over the table bay awaits you at the Belthazar. It’s voted as the best steak-house in south Africa and that not without any reason. The steak is second to none and at the wine list can you choose from 200 different wines. If you are in Capetown…go to Belthazar for a evening that you will never forget.

Nelson’s Eye

It’s located in the trendy area “Gardens” in CBD. The restaurant was founded in the early 60’s and developed also to one of the best in the Mother City. You can choose your meat and if you ask you can also visit the cool room.

Buzbey Grill

The restaurant is one of the favorites of the locals, primarily for the relatively cheap prices. The name is presented on a big neon sign. Inside awaits you a chilled atmosphere with jazz-sound and pictures of famous artists on the walls. The meat is exquisite and, because of that, mostly fully booked, so if you want to enjoy dinner there, you have to reserve before.

Brad’s Grill

A further favorite of the locals is “Brad’s Grill”, especially for families it’s attractive. It’s located in the Harfield Village and mostly booked the whole week. The best choice there is the pepper filet, it’s the best in town.

The Hussar Grill

Founded in 1962 and located in Rondebosch, next to the famous “Baxter theater”, it’s a often chosen choice from the theater visitors to get a amazing meal. Chocolate chili filet, rump steak and sirloin are, beside to the excellent wines, the best things on the menu.

Dale’s Black Angus Grill

After the success in Joburg and Durban has the restaurant now opened his doors also in Cape Town. It’s mostly chosen from families but people are also choosing it for bigger events like a wedding, because of his big space. Like the name says is’s famous for the black Angus meat but on the menu you will find something for every taste.

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