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Kirstenbosch: Christmas Songs at Candlelight

For three days it’s possible to go at the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the evening with candles and the show from the local Rotary Charity Clubs. The songs are a mix from well-known songs until some special songs.

Tickets: 25-75 Rand for children and 90-100 Rand for adults

15.­24.12: the nutcracker

It is tradition: The ballet is shown every year at Christmas Time. Not only children are enjoying the show, also for adults is the story of a toy that awakes to life a real pleasure.

Tickets: 120-160 Rand,


The popular parade starts at 14:00 at Christmas Eve and moves thru the streets of Cape Town. Every child is invited to put on his favorite costume and to join the parade. They are going to share the stage with professional dancers and they also get a personal present from Santa Claus.

24 and 25 December: Santa Claus at Table Mountain

‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’. Santa and his crew will visit Table Mountain on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, with plenty of treats and entertainment planned to keep kiddies engrossed in the magic of Christmas coupled with majestic mountain views.

First Christmas Day: Miracle on 34th Street in Meerendal

Until the new year you get the chance to enjoy a movie under the night-heaven. At diverse stages, from the rugby museum until the meadows in the wine lands, are calling open-air cinemas families and friends to watch old classic movies and blockbusters. First Time is at 25. December at the Meerendai vineyard, where is shown the comedy “Miracle on 34th street”.

Tickets: 79-149 Rand,

25.12. 12:00h: Lunch and Entertainment in Richard’s Supper Stage and Bistro

From the first time on famous, is the popular combination between show and meal is pleasing the costumers every year anew. You can chose there from a lot of different very good meals and at the meanwhile you can enjoy live-music from a band. The restaurant has prepared every year a lot of different shows and also a visit from Santa is granted.

Tickets: 400 Rand

24 and 25 December: Dinner and Lunch in the Bosman’s Restaurant of the Grande Roche Hotel

A trip to Paarl is always nice, but especially at Christmas is it recommended. The restaurant is located in the amazing landscape of the wind lands. For a five-course or a Lunch buffet is the big terrace with a nice view at the wine lands, which is accompanied by a live band, exactly the right location. There is also a lot of entertainment for children like a water slide or a pool.

Tickets: Evening: 722,50 Rand for children and 1445 adults; noon: 342,50 Rand children and 685 Rand adults.

25.12 12:00 – ­15:00: Lunch­ Buffet at the Hazendal Vineyard

It is the ultimate location for a amazing lunch with the whole family. With a big choice at the menu every taste is handled and also children are going to have fun at the vineyard.

Tickets: 192 Rand children and 385 Rand adults

25.12 12:30 – ­15:00: Christmas Lunch in Radisson Blu

The setting of the famous hotel-chain is breathtaking and is only over bidden from the huge lunch-buffet. You can find there everything what you can imagine and makes it a unique experience.

Tickets: 150 Rand children and 600 Rand adults

We wish you beautiful hours and have fun!!!