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A festival wich keeps values. Values like art, love family and culture. No advertisement. No shops. No nothing. A place where you give without demand something back.


Music is a part of self-expression – and this is exactly how it works. You decide which kind of music is played and how.In Kontrast to other festivals, there is no big stage with famous artists. You make the show. There are no limits. It will be danced and celebrated on everything. But have a look if you plan to bring your own sound system, register it first and please take care of your neighbours.



Let your mind free. There is no limit. An outburst of colours, formes, figures and sounds. Everything is possible on the dusty planes of Tankwa Town.

If you want to make your own sculpture you should register it as well. You are not forced to make art or music. Being a part of it and having fun is all what counts.


This is how it works:

You visit the homepage of the Afrika Burn Festivals and create a ‚Burner Bio‘ (if you have one, you don´t need to do it again). If you are registered, you click on your personal code which transfers you to the ticket purchase page.

All the steps are explained on the homepage again.



Direct Distribution Tickets – R 1 122.90

General Sales Tickets – R 1 122.90

Kids Tickets (14 & under)– R 183.00

Subsidised Tickets– R 513.00

Community Tickets – R 182.40



You are 100 km away from the civilisation, without signal and tough conditions like heat, no water and so on. Before leaving you should definitely visit the website ( and take a look on the tips and guides.


If you have more questions relating to the arrival for example, visit




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