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Geoff Higgo, Owner: Accounts Director - Around About Cars

Geoff Higgo, Owner: Accounts Director

Meet Geoff! A born and bred Capetonian. Who started one of Cape Town’s first backpackers named “The Backpack” in 1990. Followed by the first interactive day tour company in Cape Town called “Daytrippers “. Furthermore, Geoff established St. John’s Waterfront Lodge. Thereafter, Geoff established one of Southern Africa’s leading car suppliers that is AroundAboutCars. The inspiration to start a business of this nature derived from the numerous requests for cars from past clientele. Geoff found a niche in the market and took it. He is a living library of travel knowledge in South Africa. Don’t ask Google, ask Geoff!

Monika Moser, Owner: Marketing Director - Around About Cars

Monika Moser, Owner: Marketing Director

Meet Monika! Our marketing guru who was born in Germany and adopted South Africa as her second home in 1993. Monika graduated with her Masters in Politics and Economics from the esteemed University of Munich. Monika’s Southern African journey started out by opening a waterskiing school named “Sunfish”. Monika has worked extensively with Cape Town’s leading backpackers. Motherhood motivated her to go into car hire - Monika has been with AroundAboutCars since.

Raymond Selokela, Owner: Operations Director - Around About Cars

Raymond Selokela, Owner: Operations Director

Meet Raymond! He preferred the Cape to Johannesburg. Raymond was once a professional soccer player turned Electrical Engineer. Whilst studying, Raymond started working part-time for AroundAboutCars and finally decided that he preferred tourists over gold mines. In 2006, Raymond agreed to become a partner. Raymond’s immense love for the company goes beyond hiring cars, its in the way he manages our staff and clients that goes the extra mile.

Gladstone Tshaka: Fleet Manager / Driver - Around About Cars

Gladstone Tshaka: Fleet Manager / Driver

Meet Gladstone! Who is responsible for maintaining the entire Fleet at AroundAboutCars, ensuring clients receive high-quality, safe and hassle-free vehicles. Gladstone has been with AroundAboutCars for the past 16-years! That’s dedication.

Wayne Rogers: Accounting Manager - Around About Cars

Wayne Rogers: Accounting Manager

Meet Wayne! A born and bred Capetonian who joined the AroundAboutCars team in 2010. Wayne has since made a massive impact in our accounting and controls department. It must be noted that Wayne dislikes Yoga but nevertheless still engages in our corporate sessions. Wayne spends long hours in the office attending to our clients booking needs. That’s dedication!

Beaton Trevor Kavuru: IT and Telecomms Manager - Around About Cars

Beaton Trevor Kavuru: IT and Telecomms Manager

Meet Beaton! Our IT specialist and all-round service agent who derives from Zimbabwe. Beaton joined AroundAboutCars in 2008. He is responsible for the IT infrastructure and continuously maintains a successful systems up-time. Beaton is known for his friendly, energetic and fun-loving nature.

Steve Mubeto: Logistics Coordinator - Around About Cars

Steve Mubeto: Logistics Coordinator

Meet Steve! He is a young, energetic and hardworking individual. One of our top reservation agents who derives from Zimbabwe. He always has a smile on his face and loved by our clients of the opposite sex. Steve makes sure everything runs according to schedule and that we are always on time!

Stix Matsha: Email Consultants - Around About Cars

Stix Matsha: Email Consultants

Meet Sivuyile! Better-known as Stix. Who is a CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) graduate. Whilst Stix was completing his studies in Tourism, he joined the AroundAboutCars team in 2013 as an intern. Once Stix completed his programme he became a full-time consultant at AroundAboutCars. He is a fun-loving young man who loves dancing and making people happy. Stix ensures that our clients individual needs are continuously met.

Rudolf Moser: Sponsor and German client liaison - Around About Cars

Rudolf Moser: Sponsor and German client liaison

Meet Rudolf! Our most valued stakeholder. Rudolf is an Electrical Engineer by trade. Based in Germany. He is the father of Monika and Johannes.