Cross Border Information

Around About Cars is dedicated to ensuring that you know all the information you need before you cross to neighbouring countries.
We do not recommend that you cross any borders :
Plase understand that with the political situation at the momoent we do NOT want you to cross into Zimbabwe; for your safety as well as for our vehicles.
Click on the link below for a recent experience by one of our clients that visited Zimbabwe in September 2017
But if you insist:
It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary papers and documents (like finance papers that the car is paid off etc) . We shall not be held liable or responsible should you fail to have everything that the link advises you to carry with you. We are equally not liable should you be forced to pay any bribe or legal fees for whatever reason. Refusal of entry into another country for any reason shall at all times be at your own risk.
This is Africa not Europe. Vehicle backup and replacement is understandably slow. There are additional charges and regulations at the borders and it is the renter’s responsibility to find that out. The cross border fee levied by the car hire company has nothing to do with any charges at the actual border. 
There has been numerous reports of extortion and corruption from traffic police especially in Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is completely non-functional at the moment because of  the currency collapse, supply problem for petrol as well as food.
Here are some general guidelines but it changes so quick that we can't be held accountable if something is not correct.

We require the following documents to be sent to us from client requesting permission to take our car across border:

- Copy of ID document

- Copy of Passport

- Copy of Driver’s Licence (back & front)

- Residential Address

- Telephone Number – Work and Home

- Name of company where employed  and complete address

- Which border are you crossing into Mozambique/Zambia/Zimbabwe

- Reason for travelling


- An additional excess of ZAR 15 000.00 applies on all rentals (regardless of which rate applies to the rental) where the accident has occurred in Mozambique, Zambia or Zimbabwe

- We do not not supply any kind of breakdown or repair service in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Should the customer breakdown in any of the aforementioned countries, the repairs and cost of returning the vehicle to South Africa will be for the customer’s account. 

General information
When you are beyond South African Borders your excess doubles - Cover yourself completely (even with executive cover the double standard cover excess will apply). Please consider this when you choose your excess insurance options. We do have an option to cover your excess amount through our partner Hepstar, refer to link below;
And other things that might apply to all:
Like the extra charges e.g Visas, levies etc


Please click on the respective country link to view more information


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