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The Kruger National Park is one South Africa’s greatest natural assets and as such should be at the top of the list for every visiting tourist. While there are many tour options available from tour busses to packages holidays with private drivers, the best way to experience this magnificent piece of natural wonder is on a self-drive holiday with a Kruger Park hire car. The enjoyment and freedom of having your own car cannot be underestimated when planning to take a safari trip in the The Kruger National Park.

The Kruger National Park sits on nearly twenty thousand square kilometres and extends some three hundred and sixty kilometres from north to south. Making it one of the largest trans-frontier game reserves on the continent.It is a seemingly endless landscape to explore and should not be undertaken without correct planning, it would be a crime to have to leave without having seen everything that is available due to poor planning. Having your own Kruger Park hire car can help you ensure that you make the most of your time at the park.

Forward planning and a thorough understanding of the parks layout, schedules and camps will go a long way to helping you have an unforgettable game viewing experience whether you have a week or a weekend in which to explore the great African wilderness.

There are nine entrance gate to the park and 21 rest camps belonging to the park, there are also 15private concession stands within the camp. The concession stands are parcels of and run on a private basis in conjunction with local communities and offer the same game viewing experience of the Kruger. Lodges are situated within the park or on the perimeter and in some instances the animals have the freedom to roam over the different properties. It is also possible to explore the Kruger Park in a hire car as a day visitor. This is where good planning is essential. The Park is vast and there are very strict speed limits, and the park gates have strict opening and closing times. There is lots of accommodation near to the main gates of the park so making day visits is an option. However if one has the freedom of a Kruger Park hire car you cannot beat the experience of sleeping in the park for at least a few nights.

The closest major city for visiting international tourists or even domestic visitors not wishing to drive all the way from one of the other major centres is Johannesburg. Although there is an airport in the park itself, the drive from Johannesburg to the Kruger Park is unique in its own right and equally as beautiful as the Kruger Park and worth hiring a car for.