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Car Hire Services Hermanus, Cape Town

Cape Town is filled with amazing towns to visit for an unforgettable holiday with friends and family; travelling to these towns by car is no effort at all and makes for a great road trip. One of these marvellous towns is Hermanus in the Western Cape. For visitors to Cape Town, travelling to Hermanus would be easiest when renting a car. Car hire in South Africa is trustworthy and reliable, giving you all the comfort and safety you need.

The history of Hermanus is quite an interesting tale starting back during the early 1800’s when Hermanus Pieters, who was a shepherd and a teacher, followed an elephant trail through the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley to the sea and here he found a spring. This turned out to be an ideal spot where Hermanus Pieters’ sheep can graze during the summer. As he spread the word of the great spring he had found, other farmers in the district started using the same spot and eventually the spring became known as Hermanuspietersfontein. This name was shortened to Hermanus when the town received municipal status in 1904 and the town then gradually became the popular destination it is today.

Today Hermanus is the foremost land based whale watching destination in the world and holiday makers stream to this gorgeous town each summer for the time of their lives. The town is situated between a beautiful mountain and the big, blue sea. Today there are also numerous surrounding suburbs such as Gansbaai, Onrus, Vermont and Voelklip. All of these areas have shown significant growth in the last couple years, with two malls now available in the Hermanus area alone.

Hermanus offers its visitors lazy days, fresh air and amazing beaches to laze around on day after day. Hermanus has some of the best beaches which are filled with holidaymakers during the summer seasons; the beaches are really popular and safe.

The town offers you excellent dining experiences, with old favourites like Rossi’s and Zebra Crossing being there as long as anyone can remember. The town also hosts some great antique stores, with Romantiques being the most well-known amongst the frequent visitors. The town offers some arts and crafts stores with locally produced items for sale; browsing through the stalls has always been a favourite activity for young and old who visit the town.

The town boasts some of the best accommodation in Cape Town, with many lodges, self-catering services and hotels to choose from. This growing town has succeeded in expanding, but all the while not losing its village-like feel. Taking a road trip to Hermanus is highly recommended; make your trip extra special and use car hire in South Africa. There’s nothing like travelling in style to spice up your trip.