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Car Hire Cape Town Guide

Car Hire Cape Town: Everything You Need to Know

Car rental services are an essential component for any local or international travellers looking to experience Cape Town like a true local. It can be so tricky to find a trustworthy and reliable car hire Cape Town service without hidden costs or unpredictable customer service. In just a short six to seven minutes of reading time, learn more about how to find the best car hire Cape Town service, out of the the car rental companies, that meets all your needs for your next visit to the mother city.

Choosing the Right Car Rental Service

Choosing the best rental agency for your needs can be a challenge when there is such a wide variety of car rental companies offering competitive services. The first thing you as a traveller need to determine is your budget and then look for a car rental service that can accommodate you within your price range. Although price may be the greatest determining factor for most travellers, finding a trusted car rental company that can provide 24-hour customer and emergency service is equally as important.

Alongside price and customer service considerations, another important aspect worth paying attention to is a car hire Cape Town service that offers safe and simple online booking opportunities, as well as convenient online or in-person payment options. The Ideal car rental service should also always offer complete transparency when it comes to their Terms and Conditions as to avoid the allusive hidden costs that so many travellers face with many big commercial car hire companies. AroundAboutCars offers all of the great qualities you should look for in a steadfast car hire Cape Town company and then some!

Finding the Best Car Hire Cape Town Deals

Travelling on a budget, whether for tourism of for business, is something everyone can relate to, so finding the best deals for a rental car is imperative when booking a holiday. Shopping around online and using comparative websites can be essential for finding a car rental service within your price range. The best deals can often be found with smaller car rental agencies as they are more concerned with giving you the best rental experience than with trying to milk you for your money.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to find a good deal for a car hire Cape Town service is when to book. Booking 6-3 months in advance will always work out cheaper, last minute bookings tend to hike up the price tag. When it comes to peak seasons, like a summer in Cape Town, prices for anything from car rental to accommodation tend to be extortionate, so booking a holiday in quieter seasons like winter will save you money in more than just the car rental department.

A great deal to also keep an eye out for is car hire Cape Town companies that offer special discount deals in collaboration with accommodation partners. These kinds of package deals present the ease and convenience of booking accommodation and transport in one whilst offering a great discount - perfect for any traveller on a budget! AroundAboutCars offers this amazing feature in collaboration with numerous guest houses, hotels, lodges and apartments to accommodate any customer’s preferences.

There are several aspects to consider when finding the perfect car hire Cape Town company for your needs, below are some tips and tricks to guide you in your car rental endeavour:

  • Always look for agencies that are transparent about their costs, there is nothing worse than returning a rental to be met with exorbitant additional costs you were unaware of!
  • Make sure rental pick-up and return times are flexible to avoid paying for an extra day. Arrange these times according to your flight details in advance with your consultant to avoid confusion.
  • Rental companies based at airports can often be more expensive, a quick commute into the city to smaller agencies with better deals, especially if airport pick-up and drop off is complimentary or included in the price, is the best way to go.
  • Think practical and sensible for your travel needs. It can be tempting to hire the shiny fancy cars but the insurance price tag on those rentals just aren’t worth it.
  • Take note of all existing scratches or damages on your rental, do this by taking pictures and notes, as well as pointing it out to your consultant before you leave in order to avoid being blamed or charged for it upon return.
  • If you can, bring your own child and booster seats, this avoids having to rent one at a daily rate on top of the cost of the car or any frustration with agency-provided seats that may not meet your child-safety standards.

Advice for International Travellers

International tourists travelling to South Africa and who may be interested in renting a car are advised that having an International Driving Permit (IDP) is beneficial. This is a requirement for many car hire Cape Town agencies, this is because foreign driver’s licenses may not be covered by insurance in the incident of an accident. For AroundAboutCars this is advised but not essential as you can still rent a car without an IDP as long as your licence is in English and the licence holder can be clearly identified by a picture.

If you are an international traveller wanting to rent a car in Cape Town but your license is not in English, getting your hands on an IDP in your home country should be relatively straightforward. An IDP, whether you require if for your travels to South Africa or not, can be super useful to have on hand! The IDP is slightly larger in size than a standard driver’s licence and encompasses a translation of your license details in multiple languages (including English) which can be used in any country.

Some technicalities about IDP’s to be aware of:

  • An IDP is only valid for driving the vehicles falling under the category for which the original driver’s license was issued.
  • An IDP is no longer valid after the original driver’s licence has expired.
  • An IDP is not valid without and/or cannot be presented without the corresponding original driver’s licence.
  • IDPs must be obtained in the driver’s home country.
  • An IDP alone is not a valid driving permit in the country of issue.

Who Can Rent a Car?

At AroundAboutCars the answer is pretty simple: anyone (Over the age of 18)! Unlike many other car hire Cape Town agencies that have strict policies requiring a driver to be 23 years or older to rent a car, AroundAboutCars gladly welcomes clients of any legal age. The only requirements for potential clients are to be in possession of a valid passport, credit card and driver’s licence. In addition to this, there is also no additional ‘young driver surcharge’ for customers under the age of 23 depending on the car group selected, AroundAboutCars is truly inclusive in its client-base.

One-Way Car Hire Cape Town: Why You Should Do It

There are few car rental agencies that offer the option of a one-way booking but this feature actually provides a client with more freedom and opportunity to explore the country. AroundAboutCars offers a one-way rental option in which you can choose which branch to pick up your rental from as well as which branch you’d like to return it at. This option in addition to the unlimited kilometres feature which AroundAboutCars offers, opens up a whole world of possibility to experience a rental car like never before.

If your ideal holiday involves road tripping cross country, then this is the best option for you. Pick up the rental of your choice, ranging from swift hatchbacks and luxury sedans to rugged and durable 4x4s, at the car hire Cape Town branch and embark on the trip of a lifetime in exploring South Africa or even its neighbouring countries (i.e. Namibia) and return your rental wherever is most convenient for you. This rental option will allow you as a local to see South Africa on the road - completely differently -, and as an international traveller, it enables you to experience the culture and the local atmosphere in a way you never would if you just stayed in one place.

Opting for the one-way rental on its own is already great, but choosing a one-way rental in combination with the deals from AroundAboutCars’ accommodation partners will elevate your holiday experience to the next level. While travelling across South Africa in your AroundAboutCars rental you can choose from a great variety of accommodation options at varying price ranges to fit your budget. The benefit of planning your trip around some of the stunning places in partnership with your car rental agency is knowing that there will always be a safe and convenient place to park whilst enjoying the discounted pleasures of staying at some of the most beautiful spots South Africa has to offer.

AroundAboutCars: Your Go-To Car Hire Cape Town Company

When it comes to finding the perfect match for your car rental needs upon your next visit to the great peninsula, look no further. Finding the ideal, trustworthy and experienced car hire Cape Town agency is no easy task and so often you find yourself regretting your choice of car rental at the end of a trip. AroundAboutCars should be your next tried-and-true and here’s why:

  • Experience: An invaluable component of any credible business. With over 20 years of experience and excellent professional and personal advice when it comes to selecting the right car for you, AroundAboutCars should be the first choice.
  • Transparency: What you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs, its all-inclusive, we are not here to scam you.
  • Budget Friendly: Our fleet consists of reliable and well-kept cars available at affordable rates. There is something for everyone, glitz and glam or sturdy and simple, all at fair rates. Free pick-ups and drop-offs at airports also mean that there are no extra costs for get to and from your rental, we have it covered.
  • Partnerships: We are accredited by our standing partnerships with The South African Youth Travel Confederation, Backpackers South Africa and Cape Town Tourism. We are the real deal.
  • More than just a rental: In addition to all the bells and whistles, at our core we care and want to make a difference where we can. That is why AroundAboutCars works in partnership with the Tourism Community Development Trust, Work For Love and Hokisa. When you rent a car with us, you are making a difference in the lives of others.

So, plan your next trip and pack your bags, your next car rental is waiting for you at AroundAboutCars.