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Mesina is the northernmost town in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It is located near the confluence of the Limpopo River with the Sand River and the border to Zimbabwe with a population of between 130899.

Musina experiences a hot semi-arid climate with hot temperatures most of the year. Average annual precipitation amounts to 372 mm (14.6 in) and is highly concentrated in the summer months from October to April when severe late-afternoon and evening thunderstorms are common. Winter is extremely dry, with almost no precipitation, typically recorded in the driest months from June to August. Clear skies and exceptionally low humidity at this time of the year enable temperatures to plunge close to freezing at night, although frost is uncommon.

The Limpopo River is a large river which flows strongly during the annual rainy season, when Lichen and other plant species of the dry region come alive. Sometimes, it floods it's dry river banks. The low-shrub and thorny tree lands that surround Musina and thrive in rains are alive with animals in sanctuaries that offer experienced-only camping safari accessible by sand and rock road tracks. Access is generally good, with the N1 Road from Johannesburg through Musina northwards being wide tar, as are most other roads in the area.


3 National Road, Musina Hotel, Musina, 0900.

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