What’s on at Around About Cars.

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It’s only June and what a busy year it’s been so far. Between staff events, new team members, yoga and the introduction or nutritional meals for staff, we have been busy. Here’s a bit more on what’s on in the office.

Star Dust

Wow, how do we even begin telling you about the night at Star Dust? Around About Cars attended an evening at one of the most amazing theatrical restaurants in Cape Town called Star Dust. Trust us if you have not been there, this is a MUST DO in Cape Town from the amazing performers to the amazing cuisine and of course the wonderful atmosphere. Star Dust is all about having fun and letting your hair down and your hips wiggle. Around About Cars decided to have a Tuesday night of fun together as a team, this being that we love to work hard together as well as play hard together, there is nothing better than getting to know your team outside of the working environment.

As we entered the door of Star dust we were all treated like royalty the service was remarkable and the talent was just out of this world. How star dust works is, it is an amazing layout of a restaurant come theater were the waiters and waitresses that serve you are so full of talent that in between courses they perform on stage from singing to dancing you name it they do it. We had such an unforgettable experience that night. As you can see in the pictures provided that we see each other as family and we believe that a happy team makes the dream work. We will update you on our next outing but for now go visit Star dust and see what we mean.

Meet Around About Cars Intern Baptiste

Baptiste is very outgoing and always filled with laughter and joy. He is very loyal and honest and truly so kind. Our intern is really interested in our African customs – but the thing that interests him the most is our food, you will find him in the kitchen, watching Priscilla our chef cooking. This lovely young French man does not just love good cuisine, but also our customs. Baptiste is determined to go home being able to speak at least a little bit of African language. And of course, our clients just love to have a French man assisting them.

Baptiste is so amazed with Cape Town’s scenery, he also just loves the history behind Cape Town which he got to explore at District Six and the Bokaap. This great humbled French man still can’t believe how amazing it has been to see our wild African beasts. Baptiste has informed us that Cape Town will become home to him one day and that he would love to bring his family over to experience all he has. Our French intern is here for another month so if you would like to meet this great man you are welcome to pop into Around About Cars to meet him.

Meet Baptiste.

Meet our new Marketing and Operations Manager Paige

Paige was born and bred in Johannesburg and moved to Cape Town and moved to Cape Town in 2014, which is home to her now. She is bubbly and always enthusiastic. Our newbie is always willing to help other, no matter what it takes. Paige brought a fresh wind into AroundAboutCars and if you walk into our office you can already feel the changes – finally all the pictures are up (After about 10 years of standing on the floor), the walls are freshly painted ( ok ok that wasn’t her, do get your hopes up, but at least it was her painter) and we finally have plants that SURVIVE, Not to forget awesome new uniforms. This amazing lady will be in charge of all operations, marking and HR Related projects. She has her hands full but will overcome any tasks or challenges thrown at her. Nothing is too big or small for Paige to handle.

Our new member has fitted in just perfectly she loves the team and the team loves her. So, come and meet our latest trendy dressed edition. She will also be in charge of everyone who is crazy enough to want to work with us.

Welcome Paige!


Cooking Classes with Phil and Pricilla.

We would like to give you a little bit of insight on what goes on behind the scenes at our offices some days. So, this past week we have had Chef Phil come in and teach our Cook Pricilla a few new amazing healthy and warm dishes for this winter. From amazing soups to great stir-fry’s and not to forget the delicious veggie dishes that have been put together for all the staff here at AroundAboutCars. Even though our cook made great meals already this was just to broaden her recipes as well as her skills.  Well I’m sure the pictures speak for themselves, each and every dish was magnificent, all the different flavors just flowed together so perfectly and not to forget we all about healthy eating here at AroundAboutCars so these new recipes matched perfectly with our taste bits.

Pricilla had an absolute blast learning from Phil she said that she would love to have more classes with him in the future especially for summer dishes. Phil has been cooking his whole life he comes from the restaurant industry and has trained chiefs all around Cape Town so this was a breeze for him. We all are so excited for the rest of winter now as we will have delicious meals to keep our tummies filled and warm.