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Cape Town is a vibrant space that combines beautiful scenery, a variety of cultures, culinary experiences, and some of the top art galleries in South Africa. Art galleries house the experiences, perspectives, and lives of local artists as well as influential international artists. Visiting the local Cape Town galleries is an ideal way to get to know the Mother City in a way that is beautiful, informative, and possibly challenging. Use your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town and visit any one of our top eight galleries in Cape Town.




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Cape Town and Art:


Cape Town is a buzzing cultural hub and home to a booming art scene. It is easy to be artistically inspired in this picturesque city which merges beautiful mountains, iconic clear oceans, and rolling wine farms. The many diverse cultures and the South African history which are embedded into the Cape Town landscape also allows for the creation of art with meaning. When a beautiful city combines with history and culture; a space for exceptional art is formed.


Nearly every area in Cape Town is home to an art gallery (or a few). Travelling in your AroundAboutCars car hire to different art galleries is a fun way to see a great portion of the beautiful city of Cape Town. With either mountain views, sea views, or the exciting buzz of the city centre, you are sure to enjoy the drive to any art gallery in Cape Town whilst in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.




Cape Town Art Galleries:


Art is subjective; for some, an artwork may be captivating while others are horrified that people would pay for a canvas with a blob of paint on it. Luckily, Cape Town has a diverse range of art galleries to choose from. From contemporary art to historical art to the celebration of local talent and the appraisal of international artists, there is something that will suit everyone’s interests and creative inclinations.


Our Top Eight Cape Town Art Galleries:


We have selected our top eight art galleries to visit in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town. Some of the galleries are famous favourites, while others will take you off the beaten track, but all are a celebration of the local talent and rich culture of Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. Experience the history, beauty, and dynamic art scene in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.


1) Zeitz MOCAA


Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) is an art gallery dedicated to displaying art from the 20th and 21st centuries created in Africa and its diaspora. The gallery includes a permanent art gallery space as well as featuring rotating, temporary art exhibitions. The gallery is also situated in the stunning converted Cape Town silos, making it an architectural masterpiece that sets the scene superbly for the art gallery.


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Most art galleries will have an entrance fee, and this can limit the number of art galleries you can visit within your budget. The affordability of AroundAboutCars car hire means you have more money in your budget to explore the local art galleries in Cape Town!




2) The Cape Gallery


If you are looking to view art relating specifically to the Western Cape, the Cape Gallery is the way to go. The Cape Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in the Western Cape, beautifully nestled between historical buildings and located close to the city bowl. The Cape Gallery stays current by showcasing historical topography paintings which were done by early Cape painters alongside vibrant African street art. The Cape Gallery blends the old and the new engagingly and respectfully.


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3) Gallery Momo


Gallery Momo showcases South African, African, and international contemporary art. This wonderful mixture of local and international art creates a space that encourages dialogue between artists and curators based locally or abroad.


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4) Everard Read


The Everard Read art gallery hosts both international artists and South African artists. The Cape Town Everard Read art gallery has recently expanded to now incorporate CIRCA Cape Town, which includes an outdoor sculpture garden. Situated at the W&A Waterfront, walking around in the sunshine and soaking up beautiful art in an ideal setting is what attending an art gallery is all about.


Everard Read has become an art gallery with a reputation for being a great starting point for local artists, as it is focused on supporting and engaging with young emerging artists. AroundAboutCars loves a gallery that focuses on supporting emerging young artists, as we also aim to make our car rentals available to the (legal) youth.


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5) The Cape Malay Art Exhibition


The Cape Malay Art Exhibition is situated in Bo Kaap, an area located on Signal Hill facing the central city. Bo Kaap is famously known for its brightly coloured homes and deep ties to the history of slavery in the Western Cape. The Cape Malay Art Exhibition is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing the struggles of the Cape Malay people, as well as celebrating their impact on South African society and culture.


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6) Barnard Gallery


The Barnard Gallery, opened in 2010 by Christiaan Barnard, is a gallery dedicated to representing emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. The artists showcased at the Barnard Gallery come from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Europe. If the gallery opening times do not suit your holiday itinerary, then you can view the gallery by appointment.


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7) Salon Ninety One


Salon Ninety One is a boutique-style art gallery that showcases contemporary South African art. Although the gallery space is small, this art gallery is aiming to make a big impact by exhibiting art that was previously unseen or unrecognised as talent in South Africa.


Salon Ninety One takes inspiration from the French meaning of salon, meaning “a meeting of like-minded people”, and has created a relaxed environment where anyone can enjoy affordable and accessible South African art.


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8) Knext Art Gallery


Knext Art Gallery is always on the search for fresh, modern, and passionate contemporary artists in Africa. There are no limits placed on the type of art exhibited in this art gallery, which makes viewing this art gallery a universal favourite for all viewers. Knext Art Gallery aims to support the upcoming talent in Africa by offering a space for collaboration and creative expression.


AroundAboutCars is not just a car-rental company, but a company with a focus on supporting the local community. AroundAboutCars supports and is a part of many outreach programs. When you hire an AroundAboutCars car in Cape Town, you can also make a difference in the wonderful space you are touring.




Explore Cape Town’s art scene in your AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town.