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My trip to devil’s peak

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Hi everyone, as a sport accustomed, my friends and I tried the hike to Devil’s Peak. So we were 4 to go there. We started at 11am. The footpath was quite nice at the beginning but after 5 minutes of walk we felt the difficulty to hike until the top.

We did many halts because the view was fantastic and it’s a good landscape for a selfie. After an hour and half, my 2 friends gave up. They could not feel their feet anymore so they took a rest in a nice spot. Because the further you go, more fantastic become the view. But they stopped at halfway. So we were 2 to continue the walk until the top.

Fortunately, the weather was really good. Sun was shining and we could walk only with a t-shirt. So we took an hour and a half to reach the top of the Devil’s Peak. This mountain deserves its name. The inclination of the pathway was steep. But our minds were strong enough to beat the fatigue.

But when we arrived on the top, all the pains, difficulties we met totally went away. We saw Cape Town in 360 degrees. It was one of the most beautiful view I’ve never seen in my entire life. After a lunch break on the top of the mountain, we started the descent which took us only an hour. We finished our walk at 16 pm.

I really enjoyed myself at the Devil’s Peak. One should try this great experience.

Here is the video link of the top of the mountain:

written by Steven Jones from Reunion Island