Travelling on a budget (young traveller)

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Travelling on a budget

Hey young travelers! As a young traveler in Cape Town, let me give you some pieces of advice to spend your money reasonably.

1) If you are foreigner like me, take an agency which will place you in a host family. It’s very nice because the host family give you everything you want, and they make sure everything is easier for you. You can have a breakfast and dinner. The good economical point here is that you don’t need to book a hotel which is more expansive. And you won’t share a good time during the dinner alone.
2) Take the taxi drivers the agency gives you because they are safe and not so expansive for students. If you have friends with you, you can share the price and it will be really cheap. These drivers almost work 24h/24h and 7/7 days. So if you want to visit the city. Or you can also rent a car with your friends. You can also share the price.
3) If you are able to walk where you want to go, just do it. Because when you walk, you will visit on the same time and you don’t spend your money. But you should not walk alone at night because it’s quite dangerous.
4) Stay tuned about the promotional offers for student. On the Table Mountain for example on Friday student get reduction if you present a correct and valid student card.
5) When you have lunch, pay attention to the prices. When you eat on a restaurant you will py 10% more than the total for the gratuity. But if you want to save your money you can go on fast foods. You won’t pay this amount. For example KFC, Mc Donald’s and so on.
6) If you have a smartphone or tablet ask the restaurants or the fast food you go. They all have the WiFi. They will give you the password if you order something.
I hope this article will help you for your travel in Cape Town. With this piece of advice you will fully enjoy your stay and save money.

Steven Jones