The AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town guide to honeymooning in the Mother City

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What better location to spend your honeymoon than the beautiful city of Cape Town? Honeymooners from all over the world flock to the Mother City to experience all the beauty and culture it has to offer – a promising start to any new marriage. Getting around during your stay has never been easier with AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town service, which will have you driving a safe, stylish and affordable vehicle as you experience the region. In just a few minutes of reading, check out this guide on honeymooning in the city of Cape Town.




AroundAboutCar’s car hire Cape Town services


Employing the use of an AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town vehicle to use during your honeymoon is a great way to ensure you and your loved one will be able to get around safely and in style. For over 20 years, our company has been hiring out cars to travellers from all over the world, many of which honeymooners. Our affordable services are appealing


Activities to do during your honeymoon using your car hire Cape Town vehicle


The following list of activities should give you an idea of what to include in your honeymoon itinerary:


Take a romantic drive in your car hire Cape Town vehicle


Cape Town is known for its gorgeous roads which offer unrivalled views of the ocean as well as mountains. For this reason, you should optimise your car hire Cape Town vehicle as best you can, by taking your significant other on a romantic drive. Perhaps the most phenomenal drive is along Chapman’s Peak Drive during sunset, where you and your loved one will be treated to unprecedented views. Ensure that you pack some snacks for the ride.


Take a cruise at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront


Aside from the plethora of boutiques and restaurants up for visiting at the luxurious Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (commonly referred to as the V&A), there are several activities to delight any couple looking to make memories during their romantic honeymoon in the Mother City. Think about taking a boat ride from the waterfront, and having a close-up view of the beautiful Atlantic ocean as well as an interesting view of the waterfront itself when you are far out enough. If a romantic boat cruise is not your thing, hop on the massive Ferris wheel for unrivalled views of the city and a chance to smooch your loved one in a private booth as the sun sets. If you have an appreciation for the ocean and its complex creatures, make sure to visit the Aquarium for glimpses of great whites, turtles, quirky penguins and glowing jellyfish.




Hike some of the renowned Capetonian peaks


Cape Town is well-known for its impressive mountain ranges, and for this reason has become a hiking hub. If you and your significant other enjoy getting your blood pumping and sweat rolling, consider hiking up the following peaks:


Lion’s Head


Rooted between Signal Hill and the wonderous Table Mountain, Lion’s Head is considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful peaks. If you are not so fit, do not be dissuaded, there is a relatively easy trail up the side of the mountain which allows you to take your time to get to the top. When you reach the summit, you will be treated to an awe-inspiring view of the city and its surrounds, as well as surreal sunsets or sunrises if you time your expedition correctly. For an extra exciting journey, consider hiking Lion’s Head at night for unrivalled views of the moon shining onto the sea and the city’s lights stretching as far as the eye can see.


The Cape Point Nature Reserve


While many choose to take a speedy cable car, a beautiful trail will lead you and your loved one on a hike surrounded by beautiful fauna and unprecedented views. Once you reach the summit, which stands as the Southern-most tip of Africa, you will view the two differently coloured oceans meeting together. A world-renowned restaurant is perched facing the ocean where you and your beloved can share a romantic meal after your expedition. This location can be reached with only an hour’s drive from the city centre in your car hire Cape Town vehicle.


Table Mountain


Last but certainly not least, Table Mountain is considered informally as one of the world’s wonders. The mountain, as part of the Table Mountain National Park, stretches across the city from the Southwest end to the North. While some opt for a smooth cable car ride, two popular hiking trails – the Platteklip Gorge and Skeleton Gorge – are not to be missed if you are up for a challenge. Once you reach the summit, you and your partner can have a romantic picnic and take in the gorgeous views, as well as snap a few photographs to remember your honeymoon in Cape Town.




Get arty and crafty


Often one of the most overlooked activities in the Mother City, arts and crafts is a large part of the city’s culture. There are a plethora of art cafés or centres wherein visitors can explore their creative visions, whether it be through painting, pottery, beading, making jewellery – to name a few. If this bonding experience tickles your fancy, the amazing Clay Café is not to be missed! The café has two branches: one in the city centre and one located on the winding road to Hout Bay. At both cafés, you can take part in pottery or paint already-crafted pieces (both of which you can take home once they have been fired and glazed). You will be left with wonderful mementos of your honeymoon that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.


Get your tan on


It would be a shame to visit Cape Town for your honeymoon and ignore the beautiful beaches that the region has to offer. The city has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, with soft, white sands and crystal waters to tantalise even the most beach-fearing of us all. The AroundAboutCars car hire Cape Town guide recommends the following beaches:


LLundudno Beach


This beach treats all who visit it with magnificent views and a welcoming vibe. The clean, soft sand and chilly water bring in Capetonians and holidaymakers alike to enjoy its benefits all-year-round. If you are an avid surfer, Llundudno is the perfect spot to surf some waves. With its daunting yet gorgeous granite boulders, this beach is a must-visit and well worth a relatively short trip in your car hire Cape Town vehicle from the city centre.


Bakoven Beach


A lesser-known, yet just as impressive beach can be found hidden in the awe-inspiring Camp’s Bay. This beach is marked by its massive boulders that carve out an enchanting “rock pool” and miniature bay to be enjoyed by swimmers of any age and skill level. The huge, flat rocks facing the ocean provide a wonderful spot for picnics and sunset views – and when golden hour arrives, a crowd influx of beach-goers and sunset chasers will roll in suddenly (wine and snacks in hand). There are few things more romantic than watching the sun go down in this phenomenal spot, cuddled next to your new spouse.


Boulders Beach


For unrivalled views of adorable penguins marching about, Boulders Beach is the place to visit. Although you will need to pay an entrance fee to access the protected area, the experience will be well-worth the trouble and the drive to Simonstown in your car hire Cape Town vehicle. Penguins are quirky and fascinating creatures, but beware their fishy odour and sassy attitudes if you get too close.


Clifton Beach


Perhaps the most famous beach in all of Cape Town, Clifton is well-adored for its gorgeous backdrop as well as its shining white sands. Celebrities from around the world tend to enjoy this beach – which stands testament to its popularity and renowned. If you are looking for a spot to take some photographs with your beloved, there is arguably no better location than Clifton Beach to do so.




Dine in romance, and in style


When you choose to honeymoon in Cape Town, one of the most appealing factors is undoubtedly the vast collection of exceptional restaurants and dining options. While the city is full to the brim with enchanting and high-quality dining spots, dining amidst nature is perhaps one of the most romantic activities. The following restaurants know this well, which is why they should be included in your honeymoon dining itinerary:


  • Harbour House in Kalk Bay
  • Rumbullion at the Roundhouse
  • Azure at the Twelve Apostles Hotel
  • The Bungalow in Victoria Road


All of the above restaurants come with strong reviews, and all offer the most magnificent views of nature.


Take a romantic stroll down the Sea Point Promenade


Taking a romantic walk is a great way to bond and unwind with your new spouse, especially if your honeymoon has been packed-full with exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities. With great views and a fun crowd, there is no better place than the Sea Point Promenade – which stretches about 5km and provides phenomenal ocean views. A series of quirky cafés and ice cream stands will keep you well fed and hydrated throughout your walk.


Embark on a wine tour


It would be a great pity to miss out on some of the renowned wine farms that the nearby Winelands have to offer during your honeymoon in the Mother City. A 40 minute drive in your car hire Cape Town vehicle will bring you to the capital of wine tasting, wherein you can take part in wine tours and hop on a tram to get you around safely. Visiting wine estates such as Spier, Rust en Vrede and Delaire Graff will have you drinking some of the world’s best wine. If you intend on taking part in any wine tour offered by the numerous touring companies in the winelands or the nearby town of Stellenbosch, it is a good idea to find accommodation in the region for the evening.


How to plan your honeymoon with car hire Cape town services in mind


Planning your honeymoon in detail is a good way to ensure that your trip runs smoothly with as little stress as possible. However, planning can be a schlep and can certainly put a damper on your upcoming wedding festivities and your fast-approaching journey to Cape Town. Despite this, it must be done. The following tips may help you in your planning process:


  • Plan your honeymoon together, and take both opinions into account
  • Set a time frame for the different aspects needed to create a comprehensive itinerary
  • Ensure you read first-hand experiences before you arrange to do any activities in Cape Town
  • Sort out your car hire Cape Town vehicle well in advance
  • Fix a clear budget to work with