Table Mountain National Park

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Table Mountain National Park consists of more places which include:

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope is a natural reserve and part of Table Mountain National Park. Two oceans collide at this place and it should be definitely visited when you are in Cape Town. The southern tip of Africa offers a lot from Flora such as 1036 plant species as well as Fauna with plenty of birds, ostriches, blesboks etc. The best way to visit Cape of Good Hope is by car due to the fact you can discover the National Park yourself at any time you want.

View from the Cape Point.


Boulders Beach – Penguin Colony

When you are going to or from Cape Point you just have to stop by this beach close to Simon’s Tower. It is a beach full of penguins! The African penguins stranded at the Boulders beach in 1982 and they still remain in this area. You can just go to swim in the warm Indian Ocean with penguins and experience this unbelievable moment. Well, where else in this world you can swim with penguins? Antarctica?

Penguins chilling at Boulders Beach.


Table Mountains

Table Mountains is the most famous mountain around Cape Town. Almost on every postcard of Cape Town you can see Table Mountains as magnificent part of the city. But the best view is get from the top! You can get there by Cableway up to 1,084 meters above sea level which gives you wonderful view on Cape Town, Table Bay, Robben Island and Atlantic Ocean. We recommend online purchase of the ticket to avoid long queues.

View from the top of Table Mountain on Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.


Lion’s Head

This place is very good for hiking and active tourists. On the start and finish of the tour is available car parking therefore using car for this activity is best option. Probably the most popular time to go there is during full moon. The hill is 669 meters above sea level and you will enjoy amazing view and satisfaction of getting to the top.

Signal Hill

If you are close to Lion’s head you should definitely visit Signal hill as well. The hill is famous for a Noon Gun which was used as a signal for ships anchored in the harbour. The Noon Gun is being presented every day at 12:00 sharp. The entrance is free and you can reach the place by car or hiking but it’s quite long way. And of course you will get great view on whole Cape Town and surroundings.