Spring Time

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In order to celebrate the meteorological beginning of spring on the 1st of September, you can try your luck in the gambling on the facebook-page of the magazine “Kapstadt.com“. The only thing you have to do in order to participate is to complete the sentence: “ My favorite breakfast is with…“. The price will be a gift coupon for an all you can eat breakfast at the café Extrablatt for 2 persons amounting to 200 Rand and due at the end of October. Good luck!
On September the 24th, South Africans celebrate their Heritage Day, also known as National Braai Day. Jan Braai, after whom the day is named, talks about his vision of South-Africans from very diverse cultures being united at the traditional Braai fire. We exclusively received 10 hints of Jan Braai in advance!
In Hermanus, the secret capital of the whales hosts a huge whale-festival from 20th to 28th September – a highlight every year. Alongside sport-events, bowling-competitions and exhibitions there are also some fantastic live shows.
For tourists wondering how to get their mobile phone fit for South-Africa or where to borrow a mobile for the length of their visit, we have centralized the greater part of the important information for you.
In case you decided you would like to emigrate to South-Africa and leave your mother-country, we also have the information that is necessary to turn your wish into a successful project.
We would like to wish you a cheerful and happy springtime!