SOuth WEstern TOwnships

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It’s in Johannesburg

It borders the city’s mining belt.

It’s known to be notorious but its home Nobel Peace Prize winner – Archibishop Desmond Tutu and late Nelson Mandela.

The world’s attention was draw to this township on 16 June in 1976 where a mass protest broke out over the education related policy that was enforced by government about having being taught in Afrikaans rather than English.

About 10’000 students marched in Orlando West and police open fired into this group killing 23 people.

One of which was Hector Pietersen – a minor child who got caught in this uprising.

There is now a museum in his memory.

It’s SOWETO – short for South Western Townships.

Other historical landmarks in SOWETO are the Orlando Towers, Mandela House, Tutu House, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

The housing in Soweto are mainly makeshift houses built out of steel sheeting, other areas in Soweto have expanded and improved their housing.

Hostels and Backpackers are also a prominent feature in Soweto.

The famous Soweto Backpackers with Lebo and Maria is very well known.

Soweto has become quite a social hub and is home to many festivals such as the Soweto Wine Festival.

Many, many famous people were born and bred here and are very much proud of their roots.

Namely: Comedian – Trevor Noah, Singer – Mandoza, Soccer Player – Teko Modise, Lucas Radebe, Irvin Khosa, Kaizer Motaung.

SOWETO has become the world’s most famous township!

It’s a beacon for the new South African!




Art on Hector Pietersen Avenue


artwork depicting what happened on 16 June


The city of Johannesburg with its Orlando Towers in view from Soweto


Mandela House


Famous Vilakazi Street


Creche we visited in Soweto on a walking tour


Some people call this home – makeshift house made from steel sheeting


Creche we visited whilst doing a walking tour in Soweto


en route through Diepkloof


The houses of the mine workers back then


FNB Stadium


FNB Stadium











Orlando Tower