Shark Cage Diving

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What do people always imagine when they hear a word “shark”? Something scary? A dangerous animal which can attack and kill anytime? Yeah that’s it I guess. But those people have never seen shark before or perhaps in movies. Some of the sharks are facing extinction due to the fact that it is rare material for typical Chinese medicine. So there might not be an opportunity to see sharks in the future.

The location of company providing trip – Shark Diving Unlimited was 2 hours’ drive from Cape Town. The trip starts at 6:30am therefore we had to wake up quite early. It was very cold and foggy morning and I have underestimated weather and came without jacket. It was not that bad. We have met with all groups of people and went to boat.  We drove somewhere out of coast where sharks are usually located. So we stopped threw the anchor and cage and started to wait for sharks. Meanwhile all people have got wetsuits, shoes and glasses and the crew was throwing fish into the ocean to attract sharks. It took like 15 minutes since the first shark appeared. It was so cool to see a shark in the middle of ocean swimming there like a boss. The big white shark swimming in front of the boat. Something amazing to see such dangerous animal in front of you. People started to get into the cage. The limit was 7 people per cage in 3 groups. The water in ocean was freezing cold but fact I could see shark in water in front of me was stronger than staying on board.

The first group went out from water and it was my turn to go and see shark from water. First steps into water were cold but then I got used to it. Shark didn’t appear in 5 minutes but then he was there. The crew screamed “DOWN” and all people in cage took a long breath and went underwater. Like one meter in front of my head was big white shark! It was amazing to see such animal from that close distance. His huge jaws and scary look right in front of me. That was simply amazing look. I had to go up to get some air and then right back into water to continue watching this dangerous animal. When I was watching shark I totally forgot about the temperature of water. I couldn’t stay there forever so whole group switched and then I enjoyed fresh towels, sandwiches and drinks offered by crew. It was definitely great experience for me. Afterwards I went to water again and the shark was still there like on promenade in its full beauty.  The trip was ending and I felt good satisfaction of this moment.

Whole trip ended in Shark Diving Unlimited office with hot soup, tea and good food. I could purchase DVD as well as many souvenirs related to sharks. I was very satisfied with first shark diving experience and I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

One of the ways to get to the Shark Diving center is by car. The place is located 2 hours drive from Cape Town. You need to leave early in the morning but on the way back you can discover many interesting places in this area. The small city Hermanus offers nice beaches, unique nature and fines wine fields. So if you want to discover more than just shark diving I recommend rent a car and exploring the area there.

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