Shark Cage Diving

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Cape Town is the ideal city for all sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Paragliding, shark cage diving and skydiving are just a few examples for what you can do in the Mother City. In the following article I introduce shark cage diving and give you all necessary information you need.




In Cape Town, there are countless companies offering shark cage diving. Especially at the waterfront tourists are approached by the various agencies and persuaded to take one of their “unbeatable” offers.

But beware: Even though these agencies promise you the best prices, these are only agents, who don’t process the tours. They offer various tours at increased prices. Book directly with the companies who are operating the tours. It’s by far cheaper!


On the coast in the area Hermanuus and Gansbaii there are numerous cities in which companies with years of experience perform the tours. In the packages are breakfast, lunch and refreshments ( during the entire tour)  included . You drive about 20-40 minutes to the sea and then lies there for about 3 hours at anchor. After being equipped with wetsuits you are going in the cage with 3 to 4 other persons for  like 20 min. The sharks are now attracted by the tour guides with baits. Now you can experience the sharks really close, if you are lucky they will appear less than 20 centimeters in front of your head, and showing their dangerous white teeth.



You won’t ever forget this unique experience. Adrenaline rushes through your body, when the shark attacks the baits directly in front of your face.

You don’t need any diving experience, because you won’t dive with professional diving equipment. The cage is constructed top-opened. So you can have a breath when ever you want, and you can stay as long as you can hold your breath under the surface.



If you are now worrying about the safety, you definitely don’t have to. The cage is absolute secure and the tour guides are professionals with years of experience in the shark diving business. In the case of bad weather or rough sea the tour guides won’t start the tour, or in case that you are already on the sea, they will directly stop the tour for safety reasons. The companies won’t give you your money back, but they do give you a new appointment.

Don’t miss out this unique experience, take the chance now. Don’t wait to long, the shark season is almost over ( until the end of November).


Get ready and book your around about cars vehicle and start your day-trip. Or book a longer journey and include shark cage diving on the a garden route tour. We do also have special offers for long term bookings.


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