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You can never say you are completely safe, whether you are in your own home, on the road or in a foreign country. Here are a few safety tips that can benefit locals and tourist and might just save a life.

safety at home


  • Never allow strangers in your home
  • Invest in a good security system
  • Lights around your house acts as a great deterrent.
  • Make you house look and sound occupied when you leave at night
  • Prevent tail gating (allowing another car to drive right up behind you) when opening complex entrances.
  • Make sure you are not being followed home.
  • Have emergency numbers close to the phone


BY FOOT:safety by foot

  • Stay on lit paths.
  • Keep handbag close to your body.
  • Plan your route ahead.
  • Keep your possessions out of sight.
  • Avoid carrying valuables with you.
  • Don’t carry large amount of money.
  • Advise others of your whereabouts.


  • Keeps all doors locked.
  • Park in lit areas.
  • Keep a safe following distance.
  • Don’t pick up strangers.
  • Always have your keys ready.
  • Don’t give money to strangers begging at intersections.
  • Never open a window for strangers.
  • If you’re being followed, drive to the nearest police station.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.
  • when you  park your car: make sure there is nothing visible in the car, radio face off if possible, glove box open, try park where there are parking attendants( ask for their name, ask how long they will be around), and don’t park in deserted areas.
  • Whilst driving: If you don’t know where you going check it on a map with a travelling consultant but don’t stop and ask strangesafety on the roadrs.
  • If  you are using a GPS, confirm the location with a travelling partner or consultant as it may lead you to unsafe areas. Avoid driving at night, especially in rural areas




  • Keep valuables in a safe.
  • Never leave valuables and property unattended.
  • Always lock your door.
  • Check before you open the door.


ENTERTAINMENT:safety while party

  • Only used registered, qualified tour guides.
  • Keep valuables (camera etc) in plain sight.
  • Keep you cell phone and wallet out of sight.
  • Keep credit card in your sight when paying for goods.
  • Drink responsibly. Do not leave your drink unattended. Watch the barman open your drink in clubs.


  • Don’t use illegal substances and at beach
  • Never leave children unattended.
  • Obey warning signs.
  • Swim where you are instructed to, preferably where life guards are on duty.
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended.


  • Use ATM’s in secure places.
  • Keep card in sight.
  • Don’t allow strangers to help you at ATM’s.
  • Be cautious of bystanders at the bank.
  • Remove your card from ATM.
  • Make sure you are not followed from the back.


  • Stay with the group.
  • Keep your money in a safe place.
  • Walk on secure paths.
  • Use registered taxis.