Roadtripping to Namibia – all you need to know about border crossings

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namibia flagThere is nothing better than a good roadtrip, especially when it’s to another country. The trip between South Africa and Namibia is a beautiful one, with many exciting activities to stop and enjoy along the way. However, it takes careful consideration to get the route planned with your GPS, not to mention packing the car and getting all the passengers ready to go. As a little aid to your trip, we’ve put together a list of all the information you need to know about the Namibian border crossing.

Visa information:

If you’re a South African tourist entering the country purely for tourist reasons, you do not need a Visa. However, if you are going to Namibia for business reasons and are staying for longer than three days, you need to apply for a Visa.

Medical information:

You cannot enter Namibia without any proof that you have had a Yellow Fever shot, especially if you’re coming from an affected area. South Africa does not fall within this category, but quite a number of other African countries do.

Medical professionals recommend that Tetanus and Hepatitis A shots also be administered before travelling to Namibia, and because it’s a Malaria-affected area, they also strongly recommend anti-Malaria vaccinations.

Necessary documentation:

As with a trip to any foreign country, a valid passport is a necessity.

To drive over the border, travellers will need to have:

  • An original or certified copy of the vehicle’s registration papers.
  • An original copy of the vehicle’s license papers, along with a letter from the bank granting the vehicle permission to cross the border.
  • The owner of the vehicle is not present, an affidavit from the police granting the driver permission to take the car across the border on the owner’s behalf.
  • A permit granting the allow access into the country. If the car is to be there for longer than three months, and you are there on a working Visa, a refundable fee of 16.5% of the car’s value is required.
  • The driver of the vehicle needs to present a valid driver’s license to border officials.
  • The car will need to have a visible “ZA” sticker on it.

There is also a small border crossing administration charge of R220 for light motor vehicles, plus an extra R140 per trailer.

If you have all of these documents in order, crossing the Namibian border will go fairly smoothly.


Image credits: www.worldatlas.com