Reunion Island: a land of blending

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Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, there is a piece of land… an island to be more precise with a 2 503, 72 km ² surface, between Madagascar and Mauritius. This island is called Reunion Island.


Let’s discover more in details about this island:

  • Important History points of the island:

–          The island was discovered by Arabian during the XVI century

–          Reunion island is a French department since 1642

–          1848: the name of the island is “Reunion” after years of struggling between the French Empire and the Reunionese colony during the 1789 Revolution. There used to be many slaves from Madagascar and Africa (Senegal, Guinea and Mozambique) who worked for the colonists.

  • Reunionese culture and inhabitants:

–          are blend of European, African, Indian, Chinese and insular traditions

–          In January 2013 there were 840 974 inhabitants

–          Local food and music blend influences from Africa, India, China and Europe, resulting in a unique, diverse culture.

–          In Reunion Island there are many religions because of the blending population. So, there are Roman Catholic, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism. All the inhabitants live with tolerance and respect for each other’s. Like Michael Jackson said: “No matter if you’re Black or White”

  • Beautiful Places you should see:

–          Le Piton de la Fournaise is the most active Volcano in the world.


–          Le Voile de la Mariée in Salazie

–          Plage de l’Hermitage


–          The 3 Circus : Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie

–          Le Piton des Neiges

piton des neiges

  • Dishes you should taste:

–          “Rougail Saucisse” (sausages)

rougail saucisse

–          “Carry Poulet” (chicken)

–          “Bouchon gratiné” (a Reunionese unique sandwich)

bouchon gra

–          “Carry Langouste” (lobster)

–          “Rougail tomate” (tomato sauce)

  • Reunion endemic species:

–          Reunion Island also has its own endemics species that you can’t found anywhere else.

“L’endormi” endormiThe Reunionese Christmas tree : Cryptomeria cripTec Tec tec tecSteven Jones