Paragliding – feel the freedom !

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If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the freedom, wanted to have an adventure and wanted to see Cape Town from a totally new  perspective, then paragliding is the thing to do. Cape Town is the ideal place to practice this adventure sport.


The flights usually start from Signal Hill or Lions Head and end at Sea Point.






Unfortunately, it is prohibited to jump from Table Mountain. Due to ever changed weather conditions, it is difficult to say how long a flight takes. However, it may be 30 mins in the best case, in unfavorable wind conditions also just 5 minutes are possible.


overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa



So you have to be a little bit lucky with the weather, to have a particularly long flight. You don’t fly alone, but together with a professional paraglider. They have years of experience and know exactly what they do. If the weather will be too bad the professionals won’t jump with you for safety reasons . In this case you will get a new appointment for your flight.



Do not miss this unique opportunity during your stay in Cape Town. In hardly any other city you can jump directly above the city and experience its beauty  from above.
The flights will take place throughout the year, but,  as mentioned above, weather limitations must be respected.


Do not hesitate and get ready for this lifetime experience. Call us and book a car or just visit our website and find your perfect car for your journey through South Africa.