Nelson Mandela Day With Car Hire Cape Town

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Globally celebrated Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day for short) is an annually recognised day in honour of Nelson Mandela. This day is celebrated on 18 July, which is Nelson Mandela’s birthday. In 2009, the 46664 concerts and Nelson Mandela Foundation decided to invite a worldwide community to help them in celebrating and to join them in support of the official Nelson Mandela Day. This day, although a public holiday, is meant to be spent in honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela and his values, which include helping the impoverished, volunteering and performing acts of community service.


Nelson Mandela Day is a day on which all the world is called upon to use their power to make a difference and have an impact on their environment and community. For 67 years, Nelson Mandela fought for social justice so, on Nelson Mandela Day, the public and all citizens of society that have the means to help others, are asked to give 67 minutes of their time to helping the poor, feeding the hungry, providing education to those that are less privileged, donating books, old clothing, and money to those that are in need, and so much more. In this article you will be able to learn how are you can you use car hire Cape Town to make a difference on Nelson Mandela Day.




Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become extremely difficult to do things that require you to come in contact with other people. And in this time, we need to come up with ideas and innovative solutions to how we can still help those in need on Nelson Mandela Day without putting them or ourselves at risk. Typical acts of service on Nelson Mandela Day used to include visiting an old age home to spend time with the elderly that have not seen their families in a while, volunteering time at orphanages and schools, teaching children how to read, do their mathematics homework, or play soccer. During this pandemic, when we crave human interaction the most, we are unfortunately unable to give ourselves and our time to people in the physical and tangible sense. But fear not, because here is a list of things that you can do a Nelson Mandela Day that will not put anyone’s life at risk:


Make a donation his year, one of the best ways to give on Nelson Mandela Day would be to make a donation of blood, old and new clothes, money, stationary, imperishable foods, old homeware, etc. to those that are in need. We all have lots of stuff, piling up in our garages, that we do not use and that have been forgotten about. These things that you have forgotten about may be a treasure to someone else, so use your car that you acquired through car hire Cape Town to drop off your unused items at an orphanage, or a hospice shop on Nelson Mandela Day.




Become an organ donor – sign up with the Organ Donor Foundation or with the Sunflower Fund to become a stem cell or an organ donor. These may not be things that you can participate in on Nelson Mandela Day itself, but these are things that will be able to help many people in the future. By signing up to be an organ donor, your body may help to save up to seven or more lives.


Make a child’s day – gather a bunch of old toys, stationary, soccer balls, basketball balls, etc. and drop them off, using your car from car hire Cape Town, at an orphanage, school, or shelter in your area. You may not be able to play with the children during the pandemic, but you can still brighten their day by giving them the means to play and have fun.


Help the homeless – take food, blankets and clothing to a local organization or soup kitchen in your area or, put together packages of food and winter warming items and use your car from car hire Cape Town to drive around your community and bless some of the homeless people that you may see asking for help. Food items that you can donate include canned foods (like baked beans, canned pasta, tin fish, chickpeas etc.), mielie meal, rice, long life milk, and hot homemade soup. Make a soup with leftover vegetables and grains and package the soup in cups or bowls to hand out around your neighbourhood.




Become a wonder to a woman – there are many women that struggle to afford their necessities such as sanitary pads and tampons. Buy extra sanitary pads, tampons, and other feminine hygiene items and use your car, from car hire Cape Town, to drop off personalized packs at a women’s shelter or a shelter for abused women.


Lend a hand to mother nature – instead of surrounding yourself by people does Nelson Mandela Day, surround yourself by nature instead. Plant a tree in your garden, take a few seeds to your local orphanage, or mow the lawn of your elderly neighbour that can no longer do it themselves. An act of kindness and Nelson Mandela Day can also include taking pride in your environment. Also consider taking the time to make a community garden in your neighbourhood where everyone can share the watering and plant pruning tasks. Another means in which you can make a difference to your environment on Nelson Mandela Day is by educating your peers about environmental issues and by carrying out green projects with your friends and family in your area.




“Clean up, clean up, everybody, clean up” – use your car from car hire Cape Town on Nelson Mandela Day to drive to your nearest beach or park, and perform a massive clean-up. Spend 67 minutes of your day picking up as much trash as you can and make a difference by cleaning up the litter in your environment.


Make a dog bark with joy – Nelson Mandela Day does not only require you to help and spend time with people, you can also spend time with furry friends. Visit your local SPCA, animal welfare society or animal shelter and help with the feeding, cleaning, and walking off the dogs and cats. Some SPCAs and kennels also require volunteers that can help with administrative, legal, and counselling tasks. If you are unable to donate your time, use your car hire Cape Town car to drop off some pet food or an old blanket at your local SPCA.




Create a cause on – if you know someone that is struggling to raise funds to send themselves to university, to have a life changing surgery, or to better their lives in some way or another, help them to raise funds by using a “back-a-buddy” initiative. This is a way to encourage people to be more charitable and is a platform that allows people, that are able to give and donate money, to do so for causes that are truly going to make a difference.


Support a local cause – many communities have WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages on which they share community-based projects with which they are requiring help from community volunteers. Get involved in these projects and donate your time or funds to help with bettering the community, giving to those that are less fortunate, helping develop schools or libraries in your area, and making a difference wherever you can.


Make a piggy bank – your change that you may forget in the glove compartment of your car, may build up and be able to contribute to a cause that is greater that you can imagine. Put a tin box or an empty glass jar on the table in your entranceway and throw all your coins and loose change into this box or jar. Make it a rule that you can only open the jar to put something inside (and never to take something out). You will be surprised to see how much money you can collect in a short amount of time. Donate this money to a soup kitchen, an orphanage, or a school in your area on Nelson Mandela Day. Or use the money to make use of car hire Cape Town to help you make a difference for 67 minutes.


Every little difference counts – not only on Nelson Mandela day, but every day! Conserve water and electricity to lessen the impact that you have on the environment. Take shorter showers and close the tap when you are washing dishes and brushing your teeth. If you are not in a room or you are not paying attention to the television, switch the lights and the TV off. Every little conscious act makes a difference in this regard. Unplug your chargers and electronic appliances when they are not in use to also save electricity.


It’s all about the small acts of kindness – there are ways in which you can spread love and help people that do not require you to make use of Car hire Cape Town. Kindness love and goodwill does not only have to occur on Nelson Mandela Day. You can pledge to make a difference every day, you can perform small acts that can spread good energy 365 days in a year. 67 minutes of your time on Nelson Mandela Day should be the start of you donating your efforts to help your community on a continuous basis.


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