Need the perfect rental car? One option only!

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There might be numerous car rental places all over South Africa, with such as much different offers as to vehicles, service, prices and contract conditions. But that does not mean that you will have to spend ages comparing all that in detail, phoning in, sending mails, and if unlucky hearing that there would be nothing available anymore as to peak season.



We spare you going to the time and effort of doing so: Simply visit our website or give us a call, and in not time you will receive your personal offer, tailor-made as to your demands – accompanied with the most friendly and competent service: English and German speaking, 24 hours a day!

Cape Town Car Hire Team

To proof our promise right, just take a quick look at our current numbers as far as more than satisfied customers are concerned: In November alone, AAC helped out 673 clients with the car that not only matched their induívidual needs. Because furthermore, they were all brand new, as we keep a permanent eye on our fleet and take care of only offering reliable vehicles, with low mileage, in optimal condition, equipped with air conditioning, CD-player, electrical window-lifts and all the comfort on top you wish to have by spending days or even weeks in this beautiful country. Small economic vehicles, family cars, transporter or luxurious 4x4s and campers: We have them all! But we are not done yet: Our terms of contract are simply unbeatable. You can chosse between baisc protection, part cover options up to executive or additional isurances with zero excess.

Whoever is planning to cross border will be equipped with all the relevant papers to enter other Southern African Countries hassle-free. Deciding on staying where you were driving to, or getting a car spontaneously far out in the countryside? No problem: We gladly offer deliveries and collections of most our cars, to and from most of the bigger cities; Even from Namibia or Mozambique – and that for hardly any further charges!

All that not being enough, you’d finally deal with a car rental company that is the biggest in South Africa for one more reason: We are not just an impersonal website or a voice on an answering machine. Auround the clock, even at night and on weekends, you will be able to get hold of us. Our competent staff can tell you all about your car, your contract and supply you with recommendations as per most scenic coastal drives and off-road paths, but also places to go to, restaurants to visit and must-have sightseeing objects of interest. We speak English, Africaans and German, and we all look forward to hearing from you – and to make your vacations the most memorables you ever spent!