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Muizenberg is a small city in the southeast of Cape Town and about half an hour away with the car. Muizenberg has, for south Africa typically, white sand beach, where most of the families and surfers are going at the weekend, and because of that the beach can be crowded at Saturdays and Sundays. The spot is very attractive for surfers, because if there are good conditions you can ride some nice waves. It’s mostly a spot for beginners because the waves are not so big, the bottom is sandy and you are able to stand in the water for like 50 meters. On the promenade are located many surf shops where you can, if you don’t have your own, rent a surfboard for like R70 for the whole day.


“Promenade and beach”


“Wave surfing”

It’s also possible to kite-surf in Muizenberg, but it’s mostly a beginner spot, because the water is choppy and the wind is on-shore, what makes the spot also really safe.


“Kite surfing”

Unfortunately Muizenberg is also known for sharks and thats not without any reason. Particularly on the east coast are located, on almost every beach, the “shark-spotters”, which are looking for the “great white”. There happened some incidents with sharks where, sadly, also people died or lost one of his arms or legs. The “shark spotters” are using a flag system inform the people of the¬†current situation.


“flag system”

Luckily is the water getting to warm in the summer months for sharks. So you can surf, swim or kite without a reason to worry. Muizenberg is definitely a place to visit, don’t miss your chance and book your car for your trip now at Aroundaboutcars!!!