Live Design. Transform Life.

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Cape Town received a World Design Distinction award which recognizes the city for its design tool for social, cultural, and economic development. This year the Mother City will host more than 460 designs aimed at transforming the city. The central theme behind the city’s bid is ‘Live Design. Transform Life’. It focuses on social transformation with design inspired events and projects.  There are 4 other themes that have been developed.

  1. African Innovation. Global Conversation.

This is African Ideas that speaks to the world.

  1. Bridging the divide.

Design that reconnects our city and reconciles and restores our communities.

  1. Today for Tomorrow.

Solutions for the people and the planet.

  1. Beautiful Space. Beautiful things.

Inspiring interiors, food, fashion, crafts and arts, jewelry and all over creativity.

The aim is to enhance the city in all areas by DESIGN.

Design that gives meaning… through fashion, arts, culture, sports and recreation.

Design that adds value… to the economy through innovation, finance, systems and social entrepreneurship

Design that Focuses… on efficiency and resilience related to food, energy, water and the natural environment

Design that Elevates… communication, transportation and social cohesion

Design that Shares… knowledge through schools, exhibitions and skills development

Design that Improves… health, wellness, housing and urban development.