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A beach is so much more than simply sand and shells! Especially the beaches in South Africa, more precisely, in the Western Cape, in and around the Mother City. As different as they might be, they all offer limitless views onto the horizon, just as your limitless car rental allows you to drive everywhere you feel like. So, in case you feel like a beach day, or two, or three, continue reading, pack your swimming trunks, start the engine of your great vehicle that you hired from Around About Cars, and let’s go!


Sea and Sand — The Who




Before we let you know about Cape Town’s best beaches, let’s go over some more information about them in general.


First of all: Don’t get confused, despite the names of Boulder’s Beach, Buffalo Bay or Bikini, it does not mean that you would find only rocks, wild animals or pretty girls in bathing costumes once you hit the respective area with your limitless car rental vehicle.


All of them consist of white fine sand – similar to approximately 33 percent of all coastlines worldwide! They all play an important role, driving limitless tourism – like you have decided on a limitless car rental for driving. It all started back in 1896 when the first public beach opened in the American state of Massachusetts – with none less than 45,000 people attending that particular day!


Secondly: You don’t only find fine sand, you are also spoilt with beautiful nature and functional infrastructure such as life-saving posts, showers and restaurants close by.


And finally, as all good things come in threes:


South Africa’s amazing, astonishing, awesome beaches are obviously outstanding in comparison with others … who needs the Seychelles, or Hawaii? You made the right decision with your limitless car rental in this beautiful country!


Altogether, South Africa’s beaches stretch along nearly 3,000 kilometres, starting at the West Coast’s Orange River mouth up to Kosi Bay in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal on the East Coast. Following the route this way, you will notice that the water temperature raises leaving the cold Atlantic Sea behind, converging to the Indian Ocean. But from the beginning up to the end, clear water and perfect waves attract sun worshippers and passionate surfers alike.  To keep you safe under any circumstances, recognised swimming beaches in famous holiday spots employ lifeguards. And the number of so-called blue flag beaches increases by year.


Blue Skies – Jamiroquai


We always get back to it with your limitless car rental, you represent the South African limitless seeming beaches, the limitless sky … Most people associate the colour blue with the sky and the sea, with open spaces and freedom, but also intuition, imagination and trust. Well – the latter pointing to our beaches again.


You can trust the official international acknowledgment of them keeping their maintenance up to the maximum standards of environmental administration, safety, services and conveniences. Nearly 50 beaches in the whole of the country are being certified by the non-profit Foundation for environmental Education, 30 of them in the Western Cape. What does that mean for you? To find pristine waters of highest qualities, sensational sceneries, and safety services at the same time.


How to save a life – The Fray


You like the beach? But have you ever tried running on sand? Well, you don’t have to run, as you can drive your comfortable limitless car rental vehicle from Around About Cars. But if you ever tried, you will most likely be out of breath quicker than you might think.


South African lifesavers would not think twice to sprit along the sandy stretch until they reach the water, rescuing you from dangerous rip currents. Usually, you would find an information board on the beach notifying you about their presence as well as details such as the current temperature, prevailing wind strength – or possible shark attacks.


Shark Attack – Limp Bizkit


But you don’t have to worry, chances are very slim that you will be facing the famous sea predator. More likely, bluebottle and jellyfish will get into your way – be aware of them too, as they can cause painful stings.


Getting back to the Great White: In the Cape Peninsula, the first shark attack was recorded in 1900, and ever since only seven of 28 attacks in total have been fatal. In part, the low numbers are due to the country’s shark spotters, qualified persons with polarised sunglasses and binoculars, sitting in elevated positions above the beaches, alerting you by a siren once they catch a glimpse of a tiger, bull or white shark’s fin.


I Want to Go to the Beach — Iggy Pop


Now that you can rest reassured that you will be safe on your beach day, time to let you know where to head to with your limitless car rental in the Western Cape. Let’s start with the most popular one of all – or better: Five in a row…. As you can choose between four Clifton beaches and finally the one and only in Camps Bay.




The big four


Selected by locals and tourists alike, it takes only about ten minutes from the Mother City’s city centre in your limitless car rental vehicle to hit the first of them – lacking any wits, named First Beach. Still, you are not heading there for its label, and apart from the soft white sand and the clear blue water:




  • the familiar atmosphere


  • having your playful dog lawfully unleashed


  • escaping the see-and-to-be-seen-crowd of 4th beach


  • enjoying light waves for body surfing


Not yours? 2nd beach baits you with mostly laidback students playing beach volleyball. How about tossing around a frisbee with them?


Looking for some handsome guys, Clifton’s 3rd beach is your spot to steer your car to. Obviously, you are welcome to spend the day there with your partner or family too and soak in a merry atmosphere while catching a tan.


Number four is the largest beach of them all, mainly frequented by trendsetters, models, men with sixpacks but also children building their first sandcastles.


Before we get any further, during peak season, parking is scarce. So, make sure to secure a spot for your limitless car rental vehicle along Victoria Road by being early. Just have your breakfast on the beach – a perfect start into the day in any case!


Camps Bay Beach


Want to meet little Hollywood? Then Camps Bay Beach is the place to go! Overlooked by breath-taking mansions, you can look over the manicured shoreline and take in the amazing sunsets. Flock to this palm-lined promenade to find people with the newest minimalistic swimwear, fitness-fanatics playing all kinds of ball games but also dogwalkers and families awing at the dramatic peaks of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. After sunbathing, or in case the South Easter decides to show off its strength, end the most perfect day with a sundowner cocktail in one of the trendy restaurants along the strip.




Soak Up the Sun — Sheryl Crow


Some days, it can get a bit too busy with people hitting Camps Bay – but that doesn’t mean you will have to do without your beach day! Steer your limitless car rental vehicle’s wheel towards Hout Bay and take a turn to your right once you pass the sign announcing Llandudno.


Llandudno Beach




With the most scenic and magnificent views onto the ocean, the drive itself is already worth the way. Once you get close to the secluded location off the beaten track, take the narrow road winding its way down through an elegant hillside area until you hit a quiet sandy cove with a few couples enjoying the view, some children playing in the sand and one or two dogs wagging their tails. The beach is a secret spot for watching the sunsets or indulging in a self-made picnic with locals around.


Boulder’s Beach


Here we go, the penguins are calling! But this time, do not park your limiteless car rental model at the car park just before the official boardwalks – just continue driving for about another kilometre, and find the most pristine beach you can imagine. There is one particularity to it, though, you will have to share the fine white sand with some waddling, non-flying birds. They might also challenge you for a swim – in the shallow, slightly warmer water than you would experience in Clifton, Camps Bay or Llandudno.




Catch a Wave — The Beach Boys


Muizenberg Beach is for everyone. Get changed near the colourful Victorian bathing huts, run into the warm water of the False Bay, stroll along the endless seeming sandy beach or muster up your courage and register for your first surfing lesson. Various companies offer to take you for a board ride – wetsuit included! Recreational facilities close by, the eco-consciousness area of Muizenberg is a perfect beach spot on the way to the Cape of Good Hope.


Stay a bit longer in your limitless car rental vehicle, and only stop at Bloubergstrand, the number one of all Western Cape beaches when it comes to sports. The world-famous kitesurfing destination is also popular for surfing and windsurfing, and diverse outdoor activities along the long sandy beach.


Don’t forget to take in the most amazing postcard-view of Table Mountain while trying to keep your balance on the surfboard. Getting hungry? Just get to Eden on the Bay and decide on one of the vibrant restaurants adjacent to the beach front.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie — Brian Hyland


There are plenty more beaches worth a mention around the Western Cape. Let’s finally have a look at a few of them which require you driving slightly longer in your limitless car rental vehicle to finally get there.


Young at heart? Then stop and hang out at Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay. Laidback and popular with students from the close-by Stellenbosch University, you will be enclosed by the majestic Hottentots-Holland mountain range in the background and False Bay right in front of your nose.


Curvy Lappiesbaai Beach near Stillbaai boasts water sport facilities such as swimming, stand-up paddling, snorkelling and short boat trips. Popular over Christmas season, the rest of the year you will enjoy unspoilt sandy stretches and a tranquil atmosphere. Take a book and get lost in the story while getting a smooth complexion or stroll along the beach in order to collect some of the gorgeous shells washed ashore.


A drive to Hermanus rewards you twice:


Around-about-cars-Hermanus Beach-min


The Blue Flag Hawston Beach combines a relaxing day with swimming and sunbathing with the chance to watch a wide range of bird species, dolphins and seals – and if you are really lucky, some of the irresistible Southern Right Whales.


Grotto Beach in Walker Bay captivates you with its unspoiled coastline and several high-quality amenities on site. The sand is calling for barefoot walks to revive your energy and get ready for the next memorable activity you have planned for your South African holidays.


Finally, after a two-hours-drive from Cape Town towards the Garden Route, you have reached the longest uninterrupted sand beach in the entire Southern Hemisphere! The 14 kilometres stretch in Cape Agulhas is perfect for swimming, walking and watching artists trying to immortalize the impressive sight of the small fishing boats on the horizon on canvas or camera. You might even find one of the fisherman’s catches on your dinner plate later on in the evening!