Hiking in Cape Town

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Cape Town offers a variety of hiking trails and climbing routes. Here you do not even have to travel far, because right on Table Mountain, Lions Head and Signal Hill are numerous hiking paths.Here is definitely something for everyone.


Absolute beginners or full professionals find the ideal route which take between 45 minutes to 5 hours. For sure, it depends on how fit you are.

For security reasons, you should always stay on the designated trails and don’t take any shortcuts. Do not choose to start with the most difficult route.


In Cape Town the weather changes very quickly, and you will be surprised very easily by strong wind or rain. For this reason it is advisable to start early in the morning. Once you have arrived at the top of Table Mountain, it is quite possible that the Cable Car is closed for security reasons. A lot of hikers have already been stuck on the top of table mountain.


Furthermore take enough water with you and use a hat and sunscreen, you can get easily burned by the strong South African sun.

On the official website of Table Mountain National Park you get detailed information about the different routes and some more basic safety rules.


It’s an amazing experience to climb Table Mountain or his “little brothers” Signal Hill and Lions Head. The views you have, while hiking are unbelievable. Some routes are quite tough, but once you reached the top, you can feel your achievement.


Signal Hill, Lions Head and Table Mountain provide a lot of parking spaces, and it’s very easy to get there too. You just follow the street signs “Table Mountain” which you gonna find throughout the entire city. At the end of Kloofnek road you can either go left, for hiking Table Mountain, or turn right for hiking Lions Head or Signal Hill.

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