Getting Around…

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So you hopped on the bus and here you are. Over there is the Kruger. That way is the Panoramic Route. Hey! You should have put AroundAboutCars on a special dial. You’d already be in a 4×4 jammed with camping gear, food and cold beer, on your way to Great Adventure. Don’t fret. One phone call, a free drop-off and a one-way rental later, and you’ll be here, there, and everywhere with a safari under your belt. See the pages of the Coast to Coast and inside back cover for more info. Like Buddha said, you have to try it out by yourself. Hmm. If Buddha was still around, he would say “you can have your cake and eat it too”.


Pick up in Jo’burg or Durban and drop off in Nelspruit, or vice versa, cheap cheap.

Discounted accommodation around the country. Check website for details.