My game farm trip to Fairy Glen

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I’m not used to waking up early morning. But this time it was worth it. I woke up at 5am to do one of the best farm game drives at Fairy Glen. So I went with the student from Good Hope Study. We took the bus at 5.45am. The direction from the city to Fairy Glen was really nice. I arrived at 9am.

Then, we had a buffet breakfast. All the food was tasty. Maybe they gave us some food to feed lions… We could not expect for this kind of scenario. After a good breakfast, we went to see the car. A Second World War car in V shape that used to transport soldiers. The guide gave us the rules to follow. He also gave us blankets because it was so cold outside, colder than Cape Town. After a few minutes of riding, we first saw elephants. These animals are too big. They drink a lot also.

The more exciting part was when the driver led us to the lion cage. What a beautiful feline. Even if the lions were in cage, we did not dare to approach them close. But I felt brave for few seconds and I approached them. The lion male did not like me and charged me. I was surprised of its fast move. Honestly, if the cage did not stop the lion I could have been a good lunch for him.


On our way to see rhino, we saw many animals like zebras, springboks, crocodiles. The rhinos are like little elephants but they are also imposing. But something was missing on the rhino. The thing is that these rhinos were injected with a syringe to paralyse them. Who did that? Some fake tourists who prepared their plan to steal the rhino’s horn. Indeed, the price of these corns is 80000$ per kilograms. So these people made a fire to catch the farmers’ attention and cut rhino’s horns.


After this sad story, we saw lions again… but without any cages. It was funny because they were reproducing. The lion male couples with his females 50 times a day! But he does it only for 30 seconds. We ended the game after 3 hours. And when we came back to the reception, a wonderful lunch buffet was waiting for us.


Steven Jones