My first two days in SA

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After a long long flight from Germany via Dubai to South Africa I stepped out of the plane into the beginning of a great new and exciting time at Around About Cars in Cape Town. The first thing I directly noticed was that somehow the weather changed from cold and grey to warm and sunny. Rasta, my new colleague, picked me up. He smiled just as sunny as the weather was and made me a warm welcome. He also helped me finding an accommodation for the first nights. Trying to adapt myself to South African ease and calmness I’ve had not booked any before I came to the Mother City.  But here in Cape Town, that’s my first impression, everything works out without getting hectic.

The next day I got to know the rest of the lovely team and also the possibility to take a closer look to all the partners of Around About Cars for further accommodations. In the evening, the other (amazing;) interns took me out to a walk through the streets and showed me some central places like, of course, the Long Street. jonas 2

Finally we closed the day with some delicious burgers at a funky garage called “Dog’s Bollocks”.  This was the first time I was happy to don’t understand every word exactly…jonas 3

jonas 1

written by Jonas Kreuels