Experience the Cape Peninsula!

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baz bus 1   baz bus 5If you visit Cape Town, you have to go to Cape Peninsula as well! Cape Peninsula with Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope at the southern end is must- see! 

We decided to take the one day –tour with the Baz Bus, cause it is a really easy and fun way to experience the beautiful landscape in the south of Cape Town. 

A really nice side- effect is, that you will be picked up at your accommodation, if you stay in one of the many backpacker hostels. After picking up all the other passengers, we got to mariners wharf on hout bay after half an hour. Our guide Vaughan was really lovely and gave us the big amount of information in a very interesting and fun way during the bus drive! Thank you for that!  

Arriving there, you have the opportunity to check out the Cape Fur Seal colony on Duiker Island. Getting there with a boat costs additional R70. After we got a little seasick the other day we went to Robben Island, we skipped this trip but strolled around the wharf and experienced the stalls full of African art crafts. 

We were really looking forward to our next stop, as we love watching animals in the great outdoors. So we finally got to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town, where the African penguins live. Boulders Beach is a state park, where the penguins are protected and can chill peacefully.baz bus 7

So we finished watching the cute penguins and then it was time to get a little more active: after a short drive with the bus, we put on our helmets and cycled through the wildlife of the Cape Point Nature. What we loved most about it, was the feeling of freedom, peacefulness and of just being alive and experiencing this wonderful nature! If you have the opportunity to do this once – do it!  

After some delicious lunch, the bus took us to Cape Point, where we hiked up to the light house. The view over there was stunning! Take your time and enjoy this natural phenomenon, when the ocean hits the rocks. But be aware – it is extremely windy, so better hold your belongings very well. We had lots of fun, taking some really funny pictures with our hair flying around in all kind of directions. Furthermore we also got the chance to see some ostriches and eland antelopes at Cape Point! baz bus 3
 Our last stop took as to the famous Cape of Good Hope. At this moment we were located on the most south- western point of Africa! This was a great experience as well! Unfortunately we had to go back afterwards, but we were really lucky and got the chance to see some special animals on our way back home. On the street we discovered a baboon family including some very cute baby monkeys. A few moments later we spotted some of the rare zebras there.    baz bus 2

After that day we were really astonished about the beautiful Cape Point Nature Reserve and the Cape Peninsula. Don’t miss the chance to be amazed by this. Baz Bus is a really easy way to go there. For us it was a little bit hectic, because the tour includes so many staggering stops and we always love to take our time and enjoy a little bit longer. So if you don’t want to bound on a fix time schedule, you may hire a car on go by your own. Tip: If you love to take more time to enjoy likes us, you may visit the Cape Peninsula in more than one day!
 baz bus 6

Take your time and enjoy the beautiful nature there,

Julia & Kathi